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Keeping The Treadmill Fun

The treadmill is probably the most used cardio machine used in any gym. However, a lot of people are not big fans of the treadmill simply because they get bored of it. This article will show you ways to keep yourself interested in this great piece of equipment. First, listening to your favorite music is [...]


Digestive Health

Healthy digestion is something that many people overlook when trying to get healthier. It has a lot to do with food and supplements but for some reason, digestive health is usually left out when choosing a nutritional plan and supplements to use. This post will give you a couple tips to make sure you are [...]


Turmeric Extract & Anti-Aging

Herbs have always been a popular choice when it comes to anti-aging products. There are always new herbs added to new products but most of them are more hype than anything. However, there is one herb that has many health related benefits, including anti-aging purposes. This herb is turmeric extract. Turmeric extract has been proven [...]


MLB To Start HGH Testing

The HGH testing debate in professional sports has been focused on the NFL’s situation for the past few months. However, all eyes shifted towards the MLB on Tuesday with their new agreement to start HGH testing on its players. The MLB drew up a new five year labor deal that incorporated random HGH testing of [...]


Affiliate Programs And Supplements

Have you ever heard anybody complain about a supplement that they bought? They found hundreds of reviews online that said the product is the best thing in the world and yet, they have seen zero results from using it. Well, those reviews probably aren’t unbiased at all. In fact, if a writer gets paid commission [...]


The Importance Of Tracking Your Diet

Yesterday, we posted up an article about the importance of tracking your fitness to ensure you reach your goals. Today, we’ve decided to continue on with the tracking theme and discuss the importance of tracking your diet to meet your nutritional and weight goals. Calories are something that many of us watch. However, do you [...]


The Importance Of Fitness Tracking

So, you have made a plan to workout 3 times a week with weights and 3 more days a week doing nothing but cardio. How are you going to keep track of your progress? Do you think you are just going to remember every single thing you do in the gym? You probably won’t do [...]


Healthy Living Checklist

You can search the internet right now and find thousands and thousands of blog posts that will tell you to live healthy. They may even give you a few good tips but there aren’t many that give you things you need to do. This post will give you a general checklist on how to live [...]


How You Can Look Younger

If you are engaged in an anti-aging crusade, wouldn’t some tips be great to make sure you look younger and feel better? Well, this article is for you then! If you implement the tips in this post and use our homeopathic HGH products, you will see the anti-aging results that you want! Aging is obviously [...]

Fad Diets

The Problem With Fad Diets

Just to continue on our little saga about dieting and what you should and should not do, here is a post about fad diets. What is a fad diet? It is basically a diet that has gained immense popularity without even having much research dont to prove its benefits. Usually, they are created by people [...]