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The NFL Inching Closer To HGH Testing

Now that the regular season is over and all the teams but two have finished play, the NFL and NFLPA are making more progress on the matter of HGH testing for its players. If you can recall, the deal to start HGH testing in the NFL spans all the way back to last summer. The [...]


Healthy In The Long Run

Getting healthy in a short amount of time really isn’t getting healthy at all. Sure, you may lose the weight you wanted to, but you probably did it in an unhealthy way. This article will show you how to live healthy in the long run, rather than stressing your body to get healthy in a [...]


The Link Between Nutrition And Age

Nobody will disagree when I say that people are different depending on their age range. Something that obviously makes sense with that logic is that nutrition needs change throughout our lives as well. So, depending on your age range, you should know what you need to eat to be at your healthiest. For instance, a [...]


HGH Supplements For Anti Aging Success

HGH is a naturally produced hormone in the body, which is made by the pituitary gland. During your teen years, your body is producing the perfect amount of HGH for your body to function properly. However, after the age of 21, your body starts to decrease the amount that it produces, causing the signs of [...]


7 Things To Avoid When Exercising For Fat Loss

Losing fat is one major reason why people exercise in the first place. It is definitely up there in the top reasons to exercise, along with gaining more muscle and being more healthy overall. However, many people make the same mistakes over and over and wonder why they don’t see results. This article will show [...]

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Supplements For Women

While supplements are important to men and women, women should definitely look into supplements to stay healthy. Women obviously go through a lot of different bodily situations than men throughout their lives. A lot of those situations are very taxing on the body, which means that meeting the nutrient standards with supplements is a great [...]


Living Green To Live Healthy

While this is not an environmental blog, the topic does relate to health in a lot of ways. The health of the planet definitely affects your health as well! This post show you what you can do to live healthier and live green at the same time. Reduce Water Bottles Instead of buying a water [...]


Tackle Anti Aging Without Surgery

Anti aging is getting more and more popular, due to what it can do for your body, in and out. There many anti aging treatments, including surgery. While surgery may work for some, it is very expensive, painful, and not natural. If you want to go all natural with your anti aging routine, you can [...]

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Goodell Hopes For HGH Testing Next Season

While the playoffs are obviously in the NFL spotlight, there is still the issue of HGH testing that has taken a back burner. If you can remember a few months ago, the NFL was set to start HGH testing this season. It was supposed to start and the NFL agreed to the testing. However, the [...]

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What Not To Eat For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension seems like a minor health condition to many people. However, it can lead to things much more serious if not taken care of. For instance, high blood pressure can cause heart damage and even strokes. Luckily, you can eat right to combat the effects of high blood pressure. This post will show you the [...]