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Berries For Nutrition

When we think of berries, we don’t really focus on what the definition of a real berry is. What may surprise you is that many fruits, like the strawberry, that are commonly called berries aren’t really berries. However, for the sake of common knowledge about what berries are and what they aren’t, we are just [...]


Chase Utley Allowed To Use HGH?

The MLB has banned the use of HGH for its players. So far, not much has changed since the start of HGH testing, except for a few players complaining about the process and some very proud that the league has started the testing process. However, one former MLB player believes that some players, like Chase [...]


Should You Get A Check Up?

Lets face it, we all get a little cocky about certain things. One thing that many people tend to get cocky about is their personal health. No, I’m not talking about people that suffer from health issues. I’m talking about the percentage of us that walk around every day, look very fit, eat right, and [...]


High Blood Pressure And Exercise

High blood pressure and normal workout programs just don’t really work well together. Luckily for you, this article lists out 7 of the best tips to use while exercising and suffering from high blood pressure! 1. Lighter Workouts – Don’t overdo it in the gym. Stay in the gym for a little over 30 minutes [...]


WADA President Wants More HGH Testing

Recently, the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB agreed to start HGH testing on its players sometime in the future. The MLB has already began HGH testing for its athletes and the NFL is said to be starting HGH testing before the next season starts. The world of professional sports has taken a huge leap [...]


Some Of The Advantages Of Using HGH Supplements

HGH is a vital hormone that is produced in the body. It is produced in ample amounts when you are growing through your youth, which is the real reason that you grow in the first place! However, when you start to age passed your teen years, your body stops producing HGH in the volume that [...]


Daily Exercise

Exercising doesn’t have to take place in the gym. In fact, you can probably look great without ever going to the gym in your life. The world is made for us to be healthy as long as we take advantage of what is sitting in front of us. You may be thinking that the gym [...]


The Facts Of Nutrition

When it comes to the basic facts of good nutrition, many people already know what they should aim for. There isn’t some secret about eating healthy that is hidden from the general public. The facts are all out there are ready for you to implement to turn yourself into a healthier you, which is always [...]


3 Anti Aging Tips

We all know what aging does to us, so there is no need to explain that to you. Instead, lets take a look at what you can do naturally to boost your anti aging results, with or without supplements. This post will show you 3 easy tips to implement that can give you what you [...]

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HGH & The NFL – An Update

Ryan McBean and D.J. Williams of the Denver Broncos recently got suspended for the first six games next season for breaking the substance abuse policy of the NFL. So, how does this affect the possibility of the NFLPA and the NFL coming to terms to start the HGH testing for next season? Well, lets look [...]