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DES Plan For Anti Aging

The world of anti aging. Hundreds of products all over the internet, radio, and television that are constantly advertised. Many of the product never do what they promise to do. So, how do you know if anti aging programs even work at all? Well, lets take a look at the DES technique and you will [...]


Dairy Products

Do you eat/drink a lot of dairy products? Do you think that they are important for your overall health? Some people don’t think that dairy products are very important and some people avoid them altogether, which is detrimental to your health. Lets take a look at what dairy products have to offer which make them [...]


The Best Amount Of Exercise For Fat Loss

So, the question many people trying to lose fat is how much exercise they need to be doing to optimize their fat loss…obviously, that is almost an impossible question to answer. Lets face it, losing weight and losing fat is a whole different ball game. You may lose fat and gain weight if you put [...]


Bee Pollen

When we think of getting healthy, we probably don’t even think bee pollen enters the conversation. However, bee pollen can be great for your overall health, whether you are a man or a woman! Lets take a closer look at what it can do for you! Benefits For Men Raises Testosterone Levels Increased Prostate Health [...]


An Overview Of HGH Supplementation

HGH is the hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain that is responsible for the growth and maintenance of body tissue in the body. It is a unique blend of amino acids that can only be produced by the pituitary gland and after you begin to age passed the age of 20, your [...]


NFL Agrees To League Wide HGH Study

A few months back, the NFL Player’s Association was asking for a league wide study to find the average HGH levels in NFL players. The NFLPA was demanding this study because they feel that the size of the average NFL is obviously much larger than the average person and that may lead to false positives [...]


What’s The Deal With Whole Grain?

You turn on the TV and see a commercial about every 30 minutes for whole grains and how you should be eating them every day. Is this just a fad or are whole grains really something that you have to pay attention to? Well, lets take a closer look into the world of whole grains! [...]


Pat Mendes Tests Positive For HGH

There is a first for everything. However, if you are Pat Mendes, you probably don’t feel too proud that you are the first American Olympian to test positive for HGH use. He has been banned for two years, which is a big hit since he is the top ranked American in the above-105-kilogram weight class. [...]


Combat Old Skin

Aging skin is a major concern for people starting to creep up in the years. However, there are many ways to combat that older looking skin and avoid wrinkles and dull looking tones altogether. In fact, this post will show you 6 of the best ways to avoid all of that! 1. If you can, [...]


Should You Exercise Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are very popular for many people that go to the gym and workout. You can even use them in your home gym. But, are they really worth it? This post will look at the pros and cons of the exercise ball. Pros Variety The exercise ball is very versatile for many different reasons. [...]