A New HGH Test


The “biomarker” test, a relatively new form of HGH testing, has been backed by many scientists around the world. This new test is supposedly much more accurate than the current “isoform” HGH test that is used at the moment. “Isoform” can only find HGH within 72 hours and has been a lot of drama because of the lack of accuracy. This new “biomarker” test is said to have the ability to find unnatural levels of HGH in somebody within 21 days of use.

The test has not received approval from the World Anti-Doping Agency, but the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO Tracis Tygart believes in the test 100%. The plan for this new test is to have it ready for the upcoming Olympics in London next year. Also, if this test is accurate and reliable, it may be the answer to HGH testing in the NFL.

Interestingly, this new test doesn’t actually find levels of HGH in somebody. Instead, it looks for products normally found after somebody uses synthetic HGH. The isoform test is inaccurate because it does look for levels of HGH, instead of bi-products.

The new biomarker test has been in many experiments and has proven itself with science. This could be the new face of HGH testing in professional sports.

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