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Retinoids and Anti-Aging

While the world continues to search for the fountain of youth, many are saying they’ve already found it, and it’s a proven scientific method. Retinoids are a group of chemical compounds that are related to the vitamin A. Retinoids are available in both over-the-counter forms and prescription only forms. Retinoid is scientifically proven to keep [...]

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The Dog Aging Project

Robert Louis Stevenson once said “You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” Unfortunately, this is all too true. Dogs are valuable companions for humans and have been for ages. Yet, the lifespan of a dog is far too short for many dog [...]

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3rd Annual American Anti-Aging Conference in Dubai 11/14-11/16/2014

Life-extension science is also referred to as indefinite life-extension, anti-aging medicine, biomedical gerontology, or experimental gerontology. This is the study of reversing or slowing down the aging process with a view to extending both average and maximum lifespan. People who wish to live longer have the belief that breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, organ replacement, [...]

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Fasting and its Effects on Anti-Aging

It is a well known fact that most religions view fasting as being good for the soul. However, most people have yet to discover the benefits that fasting offers for the body and what they stand to gain by fasting. In the early 1900s, research by medical professionals led doctors to start recommending fasting as [...]

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Highlights of Recent HGH Survey by MedReviews

Consumer review website, MedReviews recently released the results of a survey it had conducted on the benefits and side effects of HGH supplements. This survey showed the side effects and benefits that HGH supplements for anti-aging and bodybuilding could have on the body. In order to achieve this result, MedReviews used a total of 60 [...]

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Youthful Skin from the Inside Out: Fruits and Veggies for Non-Aging Skin

We all seek smooth, lustrous skin that looks like it did when we were twenty something, even if we are many years older. Is it dependent on an array of expensive creams, toners, and bases, all masking and covering a skin that, on its own, can be less than pretty to look at? Is that [...]

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Salt Intake and its Effect on Aging

We all love a good salty snack. There are times when nothing satisfies that snacking craving like a salty treat, and the enormity of the snack and fast food industries proves that fact. While we all know that these foods aren’t that great for us, most of us don’t realize just how bad they really [...]

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Calico – Google’s New Anti-Aging Company

Google is branching out beyond the search business. Last year, the company launched Calico, a tech-focused healthcare research company. Calico is being run by Art Levinson, former chairman of biotech firm Genentech, and current chairman at Apple. In today’s world, healthcare and technology are so intertwined, it is no wonder Google wants to get involved. [...]

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Exercises to Reverse Aging in Baby Boomers

Let’s face it. We all hate getting old. We hate the idea of getting old. We hate the reality of getting old. And we want to stop aging in its tracks and get back to living like we did when we were young. And while every generation has faced this same issue, with the Baby [...]


Is HGH Misunderstood?

People who are knowledgeable about Human Growth Hormone, how it works, and what it does in the body understand why HGH supplementation is important. But there’s many more people out there who are confused, misinformed, or just unaware of the importance of HGH and the role it plays in an adult’s body, especially as it [...]