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What Happens When You Are HGH Deficient?

A deficiency of any kind causes damage to a person’s health and well-being, whether it’s a sleep deficiency, a vitamin deficiency, or something more serious, such as an immune deficiency. People familiar with Human Growth Hormone know that the body’s ability to produce the hormone naturally peaks at about age 18 to 20, and declines [...]

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HGH Secrets to Better Skin

How’s your skin lately? Glowing, smooth, and vibrant? Or more like an apple that’s going soft: papery and crinkled in some spots, discolored in others? It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20′s or your 60′s (or anywhere in between, for that matter). Your skin is a reflection of your health, your lifestyle and, whether [...]


The Best “Miracle” Anti-Aging Cure is . . . Free?

Does it seem as though scientific discoveries are happening every second? Especially when it comes to health and medicine, it seems as though there is a new breakthrough, recommendation, product, or drug every time you turn on the television, pick up a tablet, or open a magazine. Drugs that treat diseases that were a death [...]

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Lower Your Cholesterol . . . With HGH?

Most people believe that cholesterol levels are mostly a result of the foods we eat. In fact, this is what has been taught to the public for years: high cholesterol foods eaten over a long period of time results on high cholesterol. This link between high cholesterol foods such as foods with saturated or trans [...]


Does HGH Enable You to Grow New Muscle Cells?

There are certain things that are deemed medically impossible…at least until we consider what used to be considered medically impossible just a few short decades ago. For instance, there was a time when the idea of transplanting one human heart into another person was in the realm of magic or science fiction. How about growing [...]


Did You Know HGH Helps Treat These?

People suffering with a chronic condition or disease will often try any remedies or treatments said to treat their particular affliction. This is why natural, herbal, and over-the-counter remedies are often sought out when traditional treatments and therapies are failing. But did you know that Human Growth Hormone plays a big role in treating some [...]

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All About Energy (and HGH!)

It’s a common saying heard mostly from adults as they watch kids running around being kids . . . “If only I had that kind of energy. Imagine all of the things I could get done!” Does it seem as though becoming older means losing vast reserves of energy? Do you find yourself dreading the [...]

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Show Your Heart Some Love by Saying Goodbye to These Two Villians!

Perhaps you noticed that the recent Valentine’s Day holiday had many people talking about hearts: happy hearts, heartbreak, lonely hearts, and more. But for those of us thinking about health and longevity, maybe a healthy heart would be a more important focus. After all, while emotions and relationships are a key focus of our lives, [...]

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Better Than Ever Anti-Aging in 2014

There’s no reason to look your age . . . you eat right, work out regularly, get plenty of rest, and have access to some of the best anti-aging technology that has ever been created! The products for hair, skin, and body that are on the shelves today use some of the most advanced anti-aging [...]


A Simple Plan for Being in the Best Shape of Your Life

There’s plenty of misconceptions about aging. Perhaps the biggest one is that as you age, your health and fitness begin to decline, and there’s really not much you can do to restore your body to the health and vitality of your youth. However, if you take a closer look at this misconception, you begin to [...]