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Calico – Google’s New Anti-Aging Company

Google is branching out beyond the search business. Last year, the company launched Calico, a tech-focused healthcare research company. Calico is being run by Art Levinson, former chairman of biotech firm Genentech, and current chairman at Apple. In today’s world, healthcare and technology are so intertwined, it is no wonder Google wants to get involved. [...]


Is HGH Misunderstood?

People who are knowledgeable about Human Growth Hormone, how it works, and what it does in the body understand why HGH supplementation is important. But there’s many more people out there who are confused, misinformed, or just unaware of the importance of HGH and the role it plays in an adult’s body, especially as it [...]


Bust Through That Annoying Plateau

It’s a familiar scenario for anyone who has successfully lost weight with a specific goal in mind. Things were going great: you were working out consistently, eating healthy foods and working steadily toward your goal weight. Then suddenly, without warning, it hits – the dreaded plateau. You’re doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge. [...]


5 Ways to Eat for Better Body Results

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand: you really can’t just exercise and eat junk, or eat healthy and sit around all the time. Both of those methods are short sighted because even though you may look or feel fine now, the results will catch you in the long run. Sports nutrition is a vast [...]


5 Ways Too Much Exercise Harms Your Health

Most of what you hear about exercise involves how to get more: motivating non-exercisers to get started, setting goals to go longer, harder, and faster, making more time for exercise, etc. With all that talk about getting the most amount of exercise possible, it may be impossible to believe that there’s such a thing as [...]


5 Healthy Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

The wine industry is huge, with both vintage and new small label wines becoming more popular than ever. And, there’s no doubt that drinking wine has many healthy benefits. But many people don’t know that there’s a byproduct of making wine that, until recently, was just thrown away because there was no use for it. [...]


Take C, Live Longer?

Here’s some new information that can help you on your path to a longer, healthier life: Vitamin C, that old standby, may be more powerful and beneficial than we once thought. Many years ago, vitamin C was hailed as an almost miraculous fix for many conditions, but once the hype subsided, many began to believe [...]


The Biggest Myth About Homeopathic HGH Spray

As you know by now, there are plenty of myths out there about Human Growth Hormone spray, and about HGH in general. The biggest myth out there about homeopathic HGH spray may in fact be the one that says this product doesn’t work. Perhaps it comes from a person who used a spray (likely incorrectly) [...]


Don’t Commit These 5 Skin Sins

You’re doing everything right – or so you think. You’re protecting your skin from the sun, eating foods with healthy antioxidants, and taking a supplement such as HGH to help your skin cells repair and restore themselves for a younger, healthier look. But what if you’re doing all of that and are still unhappy with [...]


The Strange Connection Between Your Stomach and Skin Health

The first place signs of age show up tends to be the skin, that’s why so many products and advertisements talk about “erasing fine lines and wrinkles,” or eliminating age spots, or helping tighten up sagging skin. Using a cream, gel, pill, or serum on your skin is one way to help the outward appearance [...]