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Weight loss

Boost Weight Loss Just With HGH?

It’s not like those other products on the market, you know, the boxes of pills or herbal supplements that have back page ads devoted to the power of each product to help people quickly and easily drop pounds like magic. No, Human Growth Hormone is not the kind of substance that has been latched onto [...]

baby skin

HGH Secrets to Better Skin

How’s your skin lately? Glowing, smooth, and vibrant? Or more like an apple that’s going soft: papery and crinkled in some spots, discolored in others? It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20′s or your 60′s (or anywhere in between, for that matter). Your skin is a reflection of your health, your lifestyle and, whether [...]

Deer velvet

Big Benefits: What Deer Antler Spray Can Do For You

Although Deer Antler Spray has been largely on the market in some form since the 1990′s, and antler velvet has been used in traditional medicinal remedies in China for more than 2,000 years, there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the uses and benefits of deer antler spray. The spray itself comes from the antlers of [...]

Cholesterol free

Lower Your Cholesterol . . . With HGH?

Most people believe that cholesterol levels are mostly a result of the foods we eat. In fact, this is what has been taught to the public for years: high cholesterol foods eaten over a long period of time results on high cholesterol. This link between high cholesterol foods such as foods with saturated or trans [...]


Does HGH Enable You to Grow New Muscle Cells?

There are certain things that are deemed medically impossible…at least until we consider what used to be considered medically impossible just a few short decades ago. For instance, there was a time when the idea of transplanting one human heart into another person was in the realm of magic or science fiction. How about growing [...]


Did You Know HGH Helps Treat These?

People suffering with a chronic condition or disease will often try any remedies or treatments said to treat their particular affliction. This is why natural, herbal, and over-the-counter remedies are often sought out when traditional treatments and therapies are failing. But did you know that Human Growth Hormone plays a big role in treating some [...]

Jump for joy

All About Energy (and HGH!)

It’s a common saying heard mostly from adults as they watch kids running around being kids . . . “If only I had that kind of energy. Imagine all of the things I could get done!” Does it seem as though becoming older means losing vast reserves of energy? Do you find yourself dreading the [...]


What You Eat Can Help You Sleep (and Boost HGH!)

For better natural HGH production, it is recommended that people get a good night’s rest. This is important especially for people who are older and are not producing as much HGH on their own, since one of the biggest releases of Human Growth Hormone occurs during sleep. And not just any sleep, but during that [...]

Sports Injury

Heal Yourself With HGH

With all this talk about athletes using HGH as a performance enhancer, and the surrounding dramatic events that occur when those same athletes are caught using and penalized by their sport for “illegal” drug use, its easy to forget that HGH could play a much more beneficial role. In addition to helping athletes improve lean [...]

healthy heart

Show Your Heart Some Love by Saying Goodbye to These Two Villians!

Perhaps you noticed that the recent Valentine’s Day holiday had many people talking about hearts: happy hearts, heartbreak, lonely hearts, and more. But for those of us thinking about health and longevity, maybe a healthy heart would be a more important focus. After all, while emotions and relationships are a key focus of our lives, [...]