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Are Major League Baseball Players Rewarded Despite PED Use?

It was a good idea in theory. Major League Baseball gave the players involved in the Biogenesis scandal some pretty impressive suspensions, likely in a bid to show they were serious about how they handled cheating, and to show other players that the use of performance enhancing drugs wouldn’t be worth it when they were [...]

Egypt's Ahmed Fathy challenges Algeria's Karim Ziani during their World Cup 2010 qualifying soccer match in Cairo

Could Soccer Be a “Dope-free” Sport?

Chances are, you’ve been hiding under a rock if you haven’t seen at least a little of the World Cup 2014 coverage. Or maybe you’re a fanatic and have been following all of the the “football” (to the rest of the world) action. If so, you may have seen the headlines touting the fact that [...]


A-Rod’s Last Dropped Lawsuit Begs the Question: Can He Play Clean in 2015?

In a move that was either shrewd or just common sense, depending on your view of the situation, New York Yankee’s banned 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez dropped his last active lawsuit last Thursday night. It was the one remaining legal connection between A Rod and the Biogenesis scandal after the end of his arbitration hearing [...]


The Scandel That Won’t Rest: New Biogenesis News

It’s the sports scandal that just won’t go away. Months after the frantic media hype surrounding the Biogenesis/MLB/Alex Rodriguez performance enhancing drug scandal, there’s been a new development. A police report released by Florida police detective Terrence Payne determined that those documents purchased by Major League Baseball when their investigators were building a case against [...]


A New Sports Headache? Why HGH Releasers Could Be the Next PED Craze

It should be no surprise to anyone by now that athletes will always find a new way to be better, faster, or stronger. Many athletes achieve their desired results by training, eating right, practicing their skills, and pitting their talents against worthy adversaries. Others take the darker road and will go to any length to [...]

Starting Line

Study Says HGH Could Turn a Loser Into a Winner?

It seems impossible, that simply taking Human Growth Hormone could provide so many benefits to a person. Research and studies have shown that this hormone can reverse the hands of time, improve bones, muscles and organ functions, improve mental attitude and energy levels, and provide multiple benefits to athletes. However, there are just as many [...]

Nelson Cruz

Cruz Moves On With Baltimore Orioles After Biogenesis

He faced a rough patch, but it seems Nelson Cruz is moving on from his Biogenesis suspension over the use of performance enhancers, likely including Human Growth Hormone and testosterone. During a recent news conference, Cruz announced that he was offered a one-year contract with the Orioles worth 8 million dollars. One thing he didn’t [...]

drug test sample

Olympics Are Over – But Some Athletes May Still Face HGH Test Results

The 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi have officially ended, but some athletes may still end up in the hot seat over drug testing. How is this possible? The World Anti-Doping Agency says testing can soon begin for the presence of Human Growth Hormone in already-collected samples from Olympic athletes, once a court appeal relating back [...]


Sochi Drug Lab Snags First Olympic Doper

After planning to complete 2,453 drug tests during the course of the Sochi Olympic Games, it was inevitable: the anti-doping laboratory has found its first positive drug test. The offender was a biathlete from Germany, Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle, who has a history of winning gold medals . . . and a history of issues during the [...]


UFC Positive Drug Test “Exposes” UFC’s Proactive PED Stance and State’s Mistake

Every sport had different procedures and rules regarding the use of performance enhancers and subsequent penalties for athletes found using. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the company that hosts matches and events for mixed martial arts fighters, is no different. The organization has publicly frowned on the use of performance enhancers by its athletes, and [...]