Comparison Of The Top HGH Products


There is no doubt that HGH can be very beneficial for your overall health. It is one of the most important hormones in the body, so supplementing with it to raise your HGH levels to optimal levels can be a great idea, especially as you get older and your body stops producing the amount it used to. However, HGH injections are illegal without a prescription, so they are not an option for many people that don’t have a serious medical need. That is where HGH supplements come into play. Unfortunately, HGH supplements are not made the same and some are definitely better than others. That is why you have to watch out when you are choosing a supplement that you will be using, considering that some HGH products can be very pricey. This article will outline the best and the most overrated HGH products on the market.

First of all, there are over 300 companies online that produce and sell HGH products. However, not all of them actually contain real HGH in their ingredients. Even though their names usually contain HGH, only 30 of those hundreds of companies actually have HGH in the ingredients. The rest of the products are considered to be HGH-stimulators, meaning they don’t have any HGH in the ingredients at all! All they are supposed to do is to tell the body to produce more HGH on its own. Unfortunately, many of the popular HGH products fall into this category. This is the reason that HGH supplements have a less-than-perfect reputation for results. For example, Genf20, a popular HGH-stimulation product, only contains some amino acids and chromium in the their ingredients list. Sytropin hgh is another HGH stimulating product that lacks real HGH. Their ingredients contain HGH-components and amino acids. HGH components are not real HGH at all and are basically a cover for their HGH-free product. Medic8 Super RX HGH only contains amino acids and Ginseng. This list can obviously go on for the 270 companies that don’t have HGH in their HGH products. However, the 30 companies that do have HGH in the ingredients boast great results.

In a study done on some of the best HGH products sold on the market, the results proved that many of the HGH-containing supplements are very beneficial in raising IGF-1 in the body, which is the true test of how effective a HGH treatment is. The study was a 5 month long randomized trial where 21 adults where treated with various HGH supplements. The age range was between 45 and 86 and the study contained both women and men. Blood tests were taken of every subject to make sure the results at the end would be completely accurate. The study included 17 different HGH products, including 21st Century HGH, Pro Blend, Nu-Spring, Pro HGH, Rejuvamin, Youth Renew 2000, Youth Activator, Biogevity, and many more.

The results of the study showed that every one of the products that were used did increase levels of IGF-1 in the subjects. However, some did much better than others. At the bottom of the list was Biogevity, which gave a 41% increase of IGF-1 levels in the tested subjects. Out of the 17 products used, 8 of those ended up producing under a 60% increase. 3 of the 17 products showed between an 80-93% increase in the test subjects. The other 6 products landed in the very respectable range of over a 105% increase. The bottom two products in the top range were at a 105.8% increase. After that, the top 4 products jumped way up in the increased amount of IGF-1 levels in the subjects. The 4th place product landed at 151% and the top three products were all tied at 160.5%. Those three products were 21st Century HGH, 1st HGH, and Pro Blend. Out of those, 21st Century HGH’s product is the cheapest, which makes it the best product in the trial for anybody looking for a great HGH product.

I hope this article showed you how different HGH products can be on the internet. There are some that don’t work at all because they don’t even contain HGH, and there are some that work great, like 21st Century HGH. Just do research before deciding on a HGH product for use!

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