Detoxing Your Body


So, we all know how to live healthier right? Eating right and exercising is the two main things that we need to do consistently to live healthier. However, eating bad every once in a while, failing to exercise consistently, or just living in a city where the air isn’t the cleanest it could be can cause bad substances to build up in the body. Eating right and exercising can’t really take care of that problem. That is why a full body detoxification is a fantastic addition to your nutrition and fitness for overall health.

To do a detox is to remove all toxic substances from the body to cleanse it of potentially dangerous build up. There are many ways to do this. There are detox supplements, detox diets, and even simple detox exercise routines. What do we recommend? Well, that is an easy question. Combine all of the individual processes of course! Even doing a detox for around 5-7 days can make your overall health skyrocket, depending on how healthy your body actually is.

To have a complete detox plan that will work, you will have to incorporate a detox diet. We aren’t going to recommend a certain diet. Instead, we will give you some ideas of what to expect from a detox diet. A lot of detox diets include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and not much more on the side of food. On the side of liquids, a lot of water and a lot of 100% juices, like apple juice, are used. Fasting isn’t recommended at all but intermittent fasting is usually incorporated. These detox diets have been known to cleanse your body as well as help you lose some excess fat that you may not want after your body is clean!

Detox supplements are another part of the program that you should incorporate. Once again, we won’t recommend a certain product but we will give you ideas of what to look for. First of all, the supplement must be completely natural. No added chemicals and made from herbal substances is the best route to take. If you are only detoxing for around 7 days, only get a supplement that lasts 7 days. They usually don’t cost too much and can improve your detox plan a whole lot!

Of course, you can’t really cleanse your body without sweating out all the impurities. When it comes to exercise and detoxification, you will be looking at a lot of weight training and cardio to make sure you work up a nice sweat to drain out the things that shouldn’t be in your body.

Most people will recommend that doing a detox every 6 months is the best practice but doing it once a year is just fine. While this week of detox may seem grueling, you will come out of it looking better and feeling better as well. You will have more energy and probably lose some weight that you never needed in the first place. Now you can cleanse your body of everything you use to do before you decided to live a healthy life!

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