Don’t “Resist” the Best HGH Boosting Workout

Weight training

Really, if you’re exercising in any form, be it golf or running, cycling or swimming, you’re doing your body a huge favor. The long-term positive effects of exercise on mood, weight, stress level, mental well-being, tone, strength, and much more are well documented and hard to argue with. However, if there’s one type of exercise that you do that has an effect on how much HGH is circulating through your bloodstream, it’s resistance training.

Resistance or strength training is when any repetitive load bearing exercise is performed, and it is known to increase muscle strength and mass, improve bone strength, and increase your metabolism. In a study done by Ball State University, progressive resistance training was also shown to bring about the release of human growth hormone and testosterone in both young and old men. Anyone can begin an effective weight training program with traditional weight machines, dumbbells, resistance bands, Kettle Bells, or even using your own counterweight for the resistance.

Why is the exercise such an effective one? It’s because when you lift weights or use another method of load bearing, your muscle fibers break down, and then your body spends the next few days repairing them. It’s this tear-down and build-up cycle that helps you build strong, toned muscles. When the body repairs muscles, it also naturally releases HGH to help with the effort, and when you perform a consistent, long-term weight training program, your body is constantly releasing the HGH necessary to help the repairs go smoothly.

There really is no “best” form of resistance training. It really depends on the physical shape of each individual and their preferences. Some highly effective resistance exercises include traditional power lifting with the dead lift, squat, or bench press; lifting with individual weights, or training with a resistance band. The key for successful resistance training is to progressively build upon the progress you’ve already made by adding more weight, more reps, or more sets to your routine. The best part about this type of exercise is that it doesn’t end when the workout is over. When you lift weights, your body will continue to burn calories for several hours. Basically, one short weight training session will raise your metabolism for the entire day!

Performing any kind of exercise brings about a slew of health benefits. By adding or focusing on resistance training will not only improve your muscles, bone density, and strength, but it also gives your body an excuse to release some beneficial Human Growth Hormone, too!

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