Important Dietary Supplements


If you are into sports, fitness, or even body building, then you know the importance of nutritional supplements for your goals. Our homeopathic HGH spray supplements can give you great results, but you can get even better results with adding the supplements listed in this article as well. However, keep in mind that supplements are no replacement for the right nutrition and training.

Supplements are meant to be a supplement or complement to your current training and diet program. They are not some magical pill or shake that will make all your goals come true. However, they can definitely get you closer to your goals with your exercise and nutrition in check. Here are some of the best supplements for meeting your goals:

Multi Vitamins – While these may not directly get you to your goals, they are very important. If you diet isn’t perfect, a multi vitamin can fill in the gaps and keep you healthy. If you aren’t healthy, how do you expect to see great gains.

Fish Oil – These are rich in essential fatty acids, something which a lot of American diets lack. Fish oils are another supplement that won’t directly help you reach your goals, but definitely aid in your overall health.

Whey Protein – This protein shake is best taken after a workout because of it’s quick absorbtion. Your body needs protein after muscle breakdown (exercise) to recover. An hour window exists after you exercsie to rebuild your body at maximum potential.

Casein Protein – Another time in the day that your body rebuilds itself is when you are sleeping. Many people do not eat before they go to sleep. If you do not have protein available in your body to rebuild your muscles, how do you expect to recover and see muscle gains? Casein protein takes around 7 hours to fully digest, which is the best you can get for the normal 8 hour sleeping period.

Creatine – Creatine, in any of its many forms, has been proven to enhance strength and decrease recovery time. Most people look at creatine monohydrate as the best creatine, because it is the most researched and most widely used.

Using these supplements, along with the proper diet and training program, will allow you to build more muscle and attain that body you need for sports, body building, or just to look good. Along with our homeopathic HGH spray, you can enhance your gains even more. If muscle gain is your goal, combine our HGH supplements with this list of supplements and you will see results!

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