NFL Agrees To League Wide HGH Study


A few months back, the NFL Player’s Association was asking for a league wide study to find the average HGH levels in NFL players. The NFLPA was demanding this study because they feel that the size of the average NFL is obviously much larger than the average person and that may lead to false positives on future HGH tests. That is because the NFLPA believes NFL athletes naturally have higher levels of HGH in their body, which is a legitimate belief. Now, the NFL has agreed to start this study.

The debate for HGH testing in the NFL began last August with the new CBA that avoided a lockout. Now, with the 2012-13 season rapidly approaching, the testing still hasn’t been started. However, Jeff Pash, the NFL’s top lawyer, believes that this study should start soon and should mean that HGH testing will begin by the time the regular season rolls around.

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