NFL Goes To Congress For HGH Testing

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This Friday, NFL reps, including members of the player’s union and commissioner Goodell, will be meeting with members of Congress to try and settle the issue stopping the NFL player’s union to agreeing to HGH testing. Members of the US Anti-Doping Agency are expected to be attending as well.

The labor negotiations that we finally agreed upon in August included the stipulation to start HGH testing in the NFL. The commissioner hoped to have the player’s union agree to the type of testing in time for the testing to beging at the beginning of the regular season, but that has not happened.

The players union is holding out because they are searching for more information in the HGH testing that the NFL is proposing. The test is already used in the Olympics for all of the athletes that compete. Also, a new HGH test has risen recently that claims to be much more accurate than the current HGH test. If that test proves to be better, it may be the answer to the NFL HGH testing issue. Hopefully, Friday will bring something new to the table that will put this issue to rest.

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