NFL Players Association Responds


Unless you have been living under a rock, HGH has been on sports news quite often in the past couple months. In July, the NFLPA agreed to start HGH testing under their own terms. Now that the regular season is only a few weeks from ending, the Player’s Assocation still hasn’t agreed to start testing its players.

The NFLPA is not agreeing with the HGH testing that the NFL and World Anti-Doping Agency have recommened. Now, the NFLPA has responded with another option to make sure that they are put to completely fair HGH testing. The Players’ Association would like to perform a comprehensive study of NFL players to measure their normal HGH levels. This is because they believe that NFL players have a naturally higher level of HGH in their bodies and the normal standards wouldn’t be right.

Will this study happen and will this be the answer to the NFL testing debate in the NFL? Only time will tell of course. Personally, this idea seems the best to make sure that the players are not being forced to be tested with normal HGH standards. The players in the NFL are athletes are will generally have higher levels of HGH in their systems from natural production. I don’t want to see all my favorite players get penalized because the standards are way off! What do you think about this situation? Comment and tell us below!

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