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An Overview Of HGH Supplementation

HGH is the hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain that is responsible for the growth and maintenance of body tissue in the body. It is a unique blend of amino acids that can only be produced by the pituitary gland and after you begin to age passed the age of 20, your [...]


NFL Agrees To League Wide HGH Study

A few months back, the NFL Player’s Association was asking for a league wide study to find the average HGH levels in NFL players. The NFLPA was demanding this study because they feel that the size of the average NFL is obviously much larger than the average person and that may lead to false positives [...]


Pat Mendes Tests Positive For HGH

There is a first for everything. However, if you are Pat Mendes, you probably don’t feel too proud that you are the first American Olympian to test positive for HGH use. He has been banned for two years, which is a big hit since he is the top ranked American in the above-105-kilogram weight class. [...]


Combat Old Skin

Aging skin is a major concern for people starting to creep up in the years. However, there are many ways to combat that older looking skin and avoid wrinkles and dull looking tones altogether. In fact, this post will show you 6 of the best ways to avoid all of that! 1. If you can, [...]


How To Avoid Any Problems While using HGH For Anti Aging

HGH used to be a very controversial supplement when it was first starting to gain recognition. Many people associated the supplement with illegal steroids, especially since many professional sports have banned HGH. The media has given HGH a bad name, especially over the counter HGH products. Lets face it, abusing HGH injections isn’t a good [...]


Chase Utley Allowed To Use HGH?

The MLB has banned the use of HGH for its players. So far, not much has changed since the start of HGH testing, except for a few players complaining about the process and some very proud that the league has started the testing process. However, one former MLB player believes that some players, like Chase [...]


WADA President Wants More HGH Testing

Recently, the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB agreed to start HGH testing on its players sometime in the future. The MLB has already began HGH testing for its athletes and the NFL is said to be starting HGH testing before the next season starts. The world of professional sports has taken a huge leap [...]


Some Of The Advantages Of Using HGH Supplements

HGH is a vital hormone that is produced in the body. It is produced in ample amounts when you are growing through your youth, which is the real reason that you grow in the first place! However, when you start to age passed your teen years, your body stops producing HGH in the volume that [...]

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HGH & The NFL – An Update

Ryan McBean and D.J. Williams of the Denver Broncos recently got suspended for the first six games next season for breaking the substance abuse policy of the NFL. So, how does this affect the possibility of the NFLPA and the NFL coming to terms to start the HGH testing for next season? Well, lets look [...]


What Can HGH Supplements Be Used For

Have you ever stopped and thought about what our body does every single second of every single day of our life? It is really amazing what the body has the ability to do and the fact that we don’t have to initiate or even think about these processes is even more amazing. One of the [...]