NFL HGH Testing


Amid the labor deal negotiations, something almost flew under the radar. The NFL Commissioner wanted the NFL to be the first professional league to start testing its players for use of Human Growth Hormone.

The NFL was hoping to be able to start testing the athletes at the beginning of the season. The labor issues made HGH testing a secondary issue however. Now, with the labor deal completed and the season already three weeks in, there is still no sign of HGH testing. The NFL does hope to implement random drug tests to players, even on game days.

There are mixed feelings coming from the players. Some of the players want the testing to wait until HGH testing is more accurate. Some players think it is necessary to keep the integrity in the league.

Once the testing does begin, here is how it will be administered:

1. 3 teams will be chosen during each week of preseason and regular season. Of the teams, 5-10 players will be randomly picked to be tested.

2. During the playoffs, each team in the running will have 5-10 players each week, until eliminated.

3. During the offseason, 10% of each teams players will be tested. During training camp, 20% will be tested from each team.

3. Around 10% of the participants of the NFL combine will be tested at the event.

As you can see, unlike testing for steriods or other drugs, HGH testing will be completely random to make sure that no player can trick the system. As of now, the testing has not officially been approved, but it is in the works.

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