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The Current State of HGH Supplementation Today

HGH, Human Growth Hormone, has gone through tremendous transformations over the last two decades. First used by seniors as an anti-aging elixir it's now very popular as a performance enhancement tonic by athletes of all ages.

Are the benefits of human growth hormone real? Yes they are. However, HGH is not an end all and the be all. People looking for a tremendous kick in energy and vitality will likely be disappointed. The reality is that HGH is a good general tonic.

Everything you experience will be 10%-20% better. Most people feel increased energy, better sleep, easier digestion, increased libido, quicker recuperation, etc. Some people feel and enjoy the 10%-20% benefits. Some don't. For a baseball pitcher, a 10%-20% increase on a 90 mph fastball to 90.9 mph-91.8 mph might mean the difference between a contract or not. This is true for all athletes. For some it's just a psychological boost. If they believe they are increasing their performance, they probably are.

Stage actors, in particular, describe an increase in the "glow" of their skin under the lights. The main thing that everyone reports is that they usually use it for one specific reason and soon discover that it helps them in many other areas they hadn't anticipated. One thing for sure, everybody responds to it differently.
The main reason HGH use currently has a "dark cloud" over it is because it has been unfairly linked with steroid use.

HGH is a very benign substance, manufactured in the body by the pituitary gland. Steroid use is an unnatural enhancement process with awful side effects. It's a terrible substance to be using on a regular basis. Those using steroids have found that using HGH in conjunction with steroids makes the effects that much greater. And that's how HGH has gotten a bad name.

HGH use alone, without steroids, is really quite safe to use. Whatever few negative side effects that do occur usually happen due to intentional or unintentional over dosing or problems associated with needle use (in the case of injections).

There are essentially three different delivery systems of human growth hormone into the human body:

1. Injected HGH is the most potent way to get human growth hormone into the body. A doctor's prescription is required for this protocol and a specific reason for it to be used is necessary. So it's not so easy for an athlete to obtain it legally from an ethical doctor. Athlete's who purchase HGH vials on the black market are breaking the law. It's also against the rules of many college and pro sports. Injected HGH is detectable in a blood test. So people getting caught using it, legally or illegally, also gives HGH a bad name.

2. Homeopathic HGH oral sprays are not as potent as injected HGH but the cost of the product is far less, it's undetectable in a blood test, and doesn't involve the use of needles. It does achieve 60%-80% of the same increase in IGF-1 levels as achieved by injected HGH. There are absolutely no known negative side effects. It might not work at all, but there are no side effects, and so most all of these vendors offer full money back guarantees.

The homeopathic oral sprays don't really increase HGH in the body to any great extent. They put just enough HGH into the system to trick the liver into producing additional IGF-1. It's the IGF-1, not the HGH, which brings the invigoration properties into the body. The target of these products is the liver, not the pituitary gland, as you'll see in the discussion below on precursors. So for this reason, homeopathic HGH oral sprays can be used indefinitely.

There has been quite some confusion as to whether these oral sprays are legal or illegal. They are sold without a prescription over the Internet. The FDA never approves any single vendor of HGH. The FDA "allows" the sale of homeopathic HGH because the amount of real pharmaceutical HGH is so small as to be negligible.  So they neither “approve” homeopathic HGH nor “disapprove” it.

However, the labs that manufacture the products are FDA inspected. The labels on these products conform to FDA specifications and are monitored by the FDA. For instance, vendors who describe on their label the same exact homeopathic product in “nanograms” of HGH instead of "30X" (the homeopathic description of dilution rates) are in violation of the law and are shut down. The FDA requires that "Deer Antler Velvet" must be described as "Oleum Animale," in order to conform to homeopathic specifications.

3. "HGH" in pill form, note the quotation marks, can be very misleading. You can't put HGH in a pill. So even though the label may say "e-hgh," "HGH Precursor," "HGH Secretagogue," etc., there is absolutely no HGH in these products. Be careful of some oral spray products as well, because some contain only the ingredients found in pills and contain no HGH. They are not designed to contain any human growth hormone. Read the ingredients!

The theory is a good one, but ultimately falls down. The idea is to "tickle" your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH on its own. And it does. But only for about 4-6 weeks. The target is the pituitary and the goal is to bring more HGH into the body. The body, however, is really amazing. After a while it naturally adapts to the "tickle" and stops producing the additional HGH. So just when the person is enjoying all the benefits, it all goes away.

These products contain very inexpensive amino acids that do the pituitary stimulation and then go ahead and charge prices as if the product actually contains HGH, which it doesn't. The pill vendors are very ubiquitous because the wide profit margins allow for the blanketing of the Internet. There are no known negative side effects of these human growth hormone precursors.

Overall, the rich and famous, those who can afford the pricey injections, choose the doctor's protocol. Those who just want to dabble in HGH use without doing any due diligence end up using, and eventually abandoning, the pills. Those who do some research and are able to sort all these things out, usually end up buying the homeopathic oral spray, mostly for the reasonable cost, effectiveness, and rejection of the use of needles.

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