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Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging

Our Growth Hormone Ingredients

Exactly what's in our spray is listed below.  See what others are selling using the links below. 

One Bottle lasts 4-6 Weeks. Use two sprays under the tongue, three times per day. After 2-3 months you can reduce the dosage to twice enabling each bottle to last longer.

Our lab is one of the few producing a homeopathic oral spray product that is FDA inspected. The FDA will not allow us to describe our oral spray in nanograms as this is a violation of federal law. Any vendor that describes their product in nanograms and sells it without a prescription is breaking the law.

Original Formula:
Active Ingredients: Hepar Suis 8X (HPUS), Human Growth Hormone (HGH) 30X, Hypophysis Suis 30X (HPUS).
Inactive Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Organic Ethanol 20%.

Original Formula label

Advanced Formula:
Active Ingredients: Hepar Suis 8X (HPUS), Oleum Animale 8X (HPUS), Human Growth Hormone 30X, Hypophysis Suis 30X (HPUS).
Inactive Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Organic Ethanol 20%.

Advanced Formula label

21st Century is a homeopathic oral spray. 30X describes the dilution rate, the exact homeopathic recipe, that initiates the body's response for youthful regeneration. All homeopathic oral spray preparations work this way. Researching "homeopathy" will explain more.

All manufacturers selling homeopathic oral spray generally sell the same product (although some companies may add a little bit of "female this" or "male that" for marketing/sales/price purposes). You can't get "more" or a "higher" dose. More HGH would yield a weaker response, just as a lower amount would yield a weaker response. There is only a single, most advantageous, dilution rate (recipe). For your increased rejuvenation choose a vendor who fulfills your order quickly, has a good price, and who guarantees their product for a full refund.

Warning: Other companies claiming to be selling "HGH" do not contain any HGH. They might sell a "releaser" that claims to release it in your body, or a "stimulator" that stimulates the production of it in your body, or a "precursor" or "secretagogue" that does whatever precursors and secretagogues do. But they contain absolutely no real human growth hormone. Ask to see what's in their supplement, their ingredients, before you buy!

Here is a partial list of some of our competitors who sell or recommend products that contain no HGH. Click on the link to see what exactly is or isn't in their supplement, taken from their own websites!

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