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Why do people take HGH oral spray? For all kinds of reasons, but mostly anti-aging. In the year 2000, when we began this business, only people 55 and over were trying it out. Nowadays, anyone over 30 who feels like they are beginning to lose a step are enthusiastically and continuously using it. It's not a drug. So if you are expecting a big bang that's not going to happen. It's a substance that the body produces naturally. As we age we lose more and more of it. Replacing it produces greater invigoration.

Athletes and performers of all kinds like musicians and actors take HGH because it gives them that extra edge. It's a great tonic that makes everything 10%-20% better. They also use it to aid in the recuperation from injuries. You know how quickly young people heal!

Aging men use it to increase their libido. Husbands, don't take it without also giving it to your wives. Otherwise they may not share your same level of interest!

Menopausal women are discovering that the spray eases their symptoms. This spray affects the main hormone of the body which controls all the other hormones. Normalize the main line and everything elsefalls into place.

People use our anti-aging HGH oral spray for many different reasons. However, almost everyone reports back to us that they buy it for one particular reason and are surprised to discover that it helps them in many areas that they hadn't anticipated. Generally speaking those areas include: better sleep, better digestion, improved libido, greater mental clarity, and increased energy.

Check out the links to the right as they will further your education on the topic. The two 5 minute videos are a good primer on the subject. There is a personal story about the use of our HGH product, clinical studies, and information that will protect you from industry scams.

We have two formulas, Original and Advanced. The Original works great, is less expensive, and is really good if you have any fears or doubts about taking the product. The Advanced formula works about 10%-20% better and is used by all the athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

Each bottle lasts 1 month. Use just 2 sprays, under the tongue, 3 times per day. The most important times are right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up. Most people keep the bottle on their nightstand. Then take the third spray anytime during the day. The third spray is the "extra" dose so if you miss it it's no big deal. After 2-3 months, when your system is fully saturated, you can eliminate the third dose altogether, enabling each bottle to last longer.

Remember, we have a full, no questions asked, 90-day guarantee. If you don't like it just send the new and used bottles back and we'll refund your entire purchase price. You have nothing to lose. See for yourself. Give it a try!

Good Luck!! We appreciate your business!!!

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