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The following 2 videos can be seen on youtube but are listed here as a convenience to our customers. The first Video "HGH Facts and Fiction" is a general discussion on HGH and runs 4:35 minutes. The second video "HGH For Athletes and Performers" is specific to athletes and professional performers of all types and runs 5 minutes. Just click on the photos to view.

HGH Facts and Fiction

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When it comes to HGH, human growth hormone, the industry is filled with come and go vendors who promise pie in the sky results. This video methodically goes through the reality of what you can expect from HGH use, the various forms that it can be taken, and the legal ways it can be obtained. A good primer on the not so up-and-up industry.

HGH For Athletes and Performers

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If you are an athlete or performer of any kind and wish to enhance your performances to the maximum you are probably considering using HGH. You've heard all the pros and cons and but are still pretty confused. After watching this video the ins and outs of HGH usage will become quite clear.

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09/30/11 - While it is known that HGH is probably the best anti-aging supplement out there, there are many ways to maximize your anti-aging program naturally. This post gives insight on some of the various ways that someone can make sure they get the most benefit from HGH treatment. It gives two different ways to look at anti-aging: from the outside and from the inside. This post features tips for diet, exercise, nutritional supplement intake, taking care of yourself in the sun, consumption of water, and general skin care. It also gives a fantastic tip that you may have never heard of that could give FANTASTIC results if implemented. Read the rest of the post if you want to find out what this tip is! read more

09/28/11 - The NFL labor issues also produced a change to the NFL that had nothing to do with financial issues. The NFL is preparing to perform random HGH testing to maintain the integrity of the league and be a positive influence on young athletes. Players have mixed feelings about the testing. This post shows how the testing will done when it is officially implemented. read more

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