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HGH Video For Athletes And Performers

The following growth hormone video can be seen on youtube but listed here as a convenience to our customers. "HGH For Athletes and Performers" is specific to athletes and professional entertainers of all types and runs 5 minutes. Just click on the photo to view.

HGH For Athletes and Performers

hgh fact

If you are an athlete or performer of any kind and wish to enhance your performances to the maximum you are probably considering using HGH. You've heard all the pros and cons and but are still pretty confused. After watching this video the ins and outs of HGH usage will become quite clear.

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I’m interested in buying the advanced HGH oral spray. I body-build and play rugby, I was wondering if and how quickly this spray could transform my body? (Rough estimate) I have attempted to purchase my order but the online billing information won’t allow me to list United Kingdom as my home address. I am staying in the US at the minute and wish the substance to be delivered here to this address; I just didn’t want to list this as the billing address as it is not so on my credit card.


Safety Harbor, FL

Everybody responds to the product differently so its hard to know how it will affect you. Generally speaking, those who are already in good shape respond to the product quickly, within two weeks. It does, however, take 30 days to fully saturate your system.

You can email us your information for sale and we'll run the order manually from this end or you can call us and we'll take the information over the phone.

We appreciate your business!

I'm confused about the claim that your product claims "real" HGH even if claimed homeopathic.  From what I understood, oral sprays can only be triggers or releasers of HGH  Any clarification would help.

Allentown, PA

The FDA has allowed over the counter sales of real, pharmaceutical HGH, only if it is in a homeopathic form. The FDA monitors our labels and performs several unannounced inspections of our lab (it's a real pain), among several other requirements. You can tell if a product comes from an FDA inspected lab because it will have a lot # and expiration date on each bottle, which our product does.

Some oral sprays are not homeopathic and don't contain any real HGH. Those are the ones you describe as "triggers" or "releasers."

Unfortunately the HGH industry is dominated by vendors who tell half-truths and misdirect unsuspecting consumers into buying their product. You are smart to ask questions. First thing about the internet: don't trust any website (in any industry) that doesn't give a phone number, email, and address (which we have on every page of our website). Even then, you should make a call or an email and wait for a response. If you get none, don't do business with them or trust their information.

We've been in business now for over 12 years and we've seen some pretty nasty stuff. Sorry for the confusion. We appreciate your business!

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