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Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging

HGH Effects Athletes

HGH effects athletes in their performance, even if it is only a little bit. And with all the latest publicity about athletes using performance enhancing drugs it's been an unfortunate occurrence that HGH has been lumped in with steroids.  HGH is a cap gun compared to the atomic bomb of steroids.  HGH occurs naturally in the body, steroids do not.  Although there are a few minor side effects surrounding injections, there are no known side effects surrounding homeopathic oral sprays.  There are definite side effects using steroids.

Most athletes today are switching to homeopathic HGH oral spray because it gets 60%-80% of the same rise in IGF-1 levels (the stuff that brings the invigoration properties) that you get with human growth hormone injections.  Athletes are giving up the additional percentages for the safety and legality, oral sprays are allowed for over-the-counter-sales, of homeopathic HGH.  They are happy to be done with the needles and the potential risks involved with syringe usage. 

For the everyday, normal person looking to stave off impending old age, the product is an amazing tonic.  Everything is 10%-20% better.  Everyone responds to the product differently so it's impossible to know how it will specifically affect each individual.  Some general things that seem to happen to everyone is that they have more energy, they sleep better, digest better, and experience an increase in libido.  One thing that everyone seems to report is that they purchased the product to help them in one, two, or three different areas and they experienced improvements in five or six other areas that they hadn't expect or anticipated.

The consumer has to be careful that what they are buying contains real Human Growth Hormone, the same kind that is given in injections.  Many products fool the consumer by using word such as "HGH components," "HGH releasers," "HGHr." Although the labeling is not technically deceptive, certainly the use of "HGH" in all its forms is quite misleading to the general buyer.  Bottom line: growth hormone for injections must be obtained with a doctor's prescription and the only form of real HGH that can be legally sold over the counter is "homeopathic."  Human Growth Hormone cannot be put into a pill so no matter what the labeling there is no real HGH in any product that's a pill.  To make matters more confusing, some companies have created oral sprays that are liquid forms of the pills they sell!

21st Century HGH has been selling the finest homeopathic growth hormone oral spray with a full 90 day no questions asked guarantee since 2000.  Our prices are good and we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.  The owner of our lab has a biology background and the owner of our company has an athletic background.  The corporate office is located in Atlanta with other offices located in Boca Raton, FL.

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