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Growth Hormone Testimonials

I've been using both of your supplements for about a week now and they are great!!! I've noticed improvement in my workout, energy levels and mental focus.

I wonder however if my body will eventually adjust to these s and the results will stop after  a while? Will I eventually need something stronger and are there other stronger s being developed that you know about. Are you making any improvements to the s I am currently using?

I would also like to be put on the autoship program. Thanks for your great service. Looking forward to hearing from you.


1.  Your body will not adjust to these s and the results will not stop.  You'll only see a negative difference when you stop taking the s.

2.  You will not need anything stronger and we know of no other stronger s (or we'd be selling them!).  Don't bother increasing the dosage of the HGH.  It won't do you any good and you'll be wasting the .  Go ahead and fool around with upping the dosage on the Moringa but don't take any past 2 PM.  We have athletes that take a lot of them prior to games.  You'll feel the added dosage so you can moderate it to your own liking. 

3.  Currently we are not making any improvements to these s.

4.  You are now on the autoship program and we will automatically send you 3 bottles of the Moringa Zinga and 3 bottles of the HGH plus IGF-1 quarterly beginning November 30th of this year.  We will charge your credit card the best prices for these s including any specials we might be running at the time.  If you wish to cancel please notify us one week prior to shipment.

We're glad you are enjoying the s and we appreciate your business! 

Does your oral spray contain real human growth hormone, and if it does, how is it obtained? Is this shown to actually increase muscle growth, or just tone?


Yes our contains real pharmaceutical HGH, the kind that is used in injections. 

All HGH today comes from the same source, synthetically produced in the lab.

The does both, increase muscle mass and tone.  You sound like a body builder.  We have many body builders using our .  They all use the Advanced Formula.  The lowers total body fat and increases lean muscle mass.  But what you will enjoy the most is that you will be able to work harder, last longer, and recuperate faster while using the than not using the .

We appreciate your business!

I am just about to buy but before I do I would like to see a "real" testimonial - with real people behind it. Can you produce this?

We don't use many "testimonials" on our website because we don't believe any of them that we see on the internet.  However, there are two:

Human Growth Hormone Unsolicited Testimonial

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