3 “Healthy” Foods That Deceive Us . . . and 3 “Unhealthy” Foods That are Good for You!

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We’ve heard certain mantras so many times that they’ve become ingrained. Carbs are bad. Fat-free is better for you if you’re losing weight. Eggs are your enemy. However, as with anything in life, eating well is a balancing act. Not all “bad” foods should be off limits all the time, and as a matter of fact, labeling a food as “bad” is unhealthy to begin with! Foods loaded with high sugar content, or unhealthy carbs, or loaded with unhealthy trans fats can definitely drag your healthy diet down, and can even affect how your body produces or uses Human Growth Hormone. But the simple fact remains that in order to eat the optimal diet for you, you have to read labels, learn what works for your diet and be aware of what’s actually in the foods you’re eating. Here are 3 “healthy” foods that you may want to think twice about, and to balance that, 3 foods that have gotten a bad rap!

Healthy Foods that are deceptive:

1. Granola & Trail Mix. They sound great in theory. . .packed with nuts, granola, or berries and loaded with energy, right? That may be true, but these so-called healthy snacks are also loaded with fat, sugar and tons of calories. most energy bars may as well be called sugar bars because they are one step away from being candy. And granola, although it has been marketed as a healthy snack or breakfast for many years, is actually packed full of trans fats and has such a small serving size that you’ll be left feeling hungry. It would be better to make a homemade version of both if you’re really wanting to eat either, that way you can control the ingredients and the portion size.

2. Frozen yogurt. What sounds like a super healthy alternative to ice cream is actually often times just frozen sugar. You’d be better off just having a small amount of real ice cream if you’re having a craving for a smooth frozen treat. Frozen yogurt is actually full of calories, and if you add any toppings, you’re pretty much sunk. Also, all that sugar is going to mess with your insulin levels, which ultimately throws off your body’s ability to produce HGH.

3. Nut butter. Have you stood in the bread/nut butter aisle lately? It seems that companies believe that they can take any kind of nut, make it into a cashew/walnut/hazelnut butter and claim it’s healthy. However, you’ll thank yourself later if you take a few moments to read the ingredient labels. many of these supposedly healthy nut butters are packed with sugar, trans fat, salt, and other ingredients. If you’re looking for a healthy nut butter to try, stick to those that only contain one or two ingredients (the nut and a little bit of salt, for example.) Other wise, you’re just getting duped.

Unhealthy foods you should consider trying:

1. Eggs. Cholesterol. Heart disease. Is this what you get when you enjoy an egg? According to Harvard University researchers, eating an egg a day doesn’t raise cholesterol levels! Go ahead and eat an egg if you want to. You’ll get plenty of protein, healthy unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals, which are great for your health and can give you the building blocks you need to encourage optimal levels of HGH production. If you’re still worried, whip up and omelet or other egg treat using mostly whites and include one whole egg.

2. Chocolate. Chocoholics, rejoice. All the good stuff you’d hoped was true about chocolate is true. It’s thought that the flavenoids in dark chocolate are what does your body good, and can even reduce unhealthy abdominal fat according to one study done on teens. And it’s even been said by many nutritionists that a little bit of healthy chocolate every day is actually good for you. The key here is picking the right chocolate and not going overboard.

3. Whole milk. Gasp! Isn’t whole milk what we’ve been warned about for years? Yes, but there’s a lot you may not know about “healthy” skim milk. For example, did you know that the fat in whole milk lets your body better absorb vitamins, or that milk from grass-fed cows gives you healthy cholesterol, something skim milk can’t do? Also, there are plenty of things hiding in skim milk that may give you pause, such as powered milk that is made with a known carcinogen, oxidized cholesterol. Also, skim and low fat milk has sugared flavoring added to make it taste better to kids. Adding a little whole milk to your diet isn’t going to cause you to gain weight, and it can actually boost your diet with healthy nutrients. If you’re wary of dairy, try coconut, almond, or soy milk to see if your family likes those better.

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