3 Things You Didn’t Know Human Growth Hormone Could Do

 In General Health

You may be well versed on the health benefits of Human Growth Hormone, and even on some of the science behind why HGH works as well as it does, especially if you supplement with natural growth hormone regularly. You also may be well aware that there’s a lot of misinformation about HGH out there, as both the pros and the cons of this substance are hotly debated in professional sports, among bodybuilders, in regards to anti-aging, and even in regards to government monitoring! Hearing that HGH can help fight cancer, diabetes, or other conditions, or on the other hand may cause these same conditions does make it hard to accurately research this beneficial substance. There’s also a big difference between natural and synthetic HGH, and how a body reacts.

In all this debate and misconception, there’s a handful of scientists, doctors and researchers who carefully study HGH, either among patients or in carefully constructed studies, and their work has led to some even more amazing things that HGH is able to do:

1. Help stroke patients. The use of HGH to help treat neurological issues, including memory problems, is fairly new. However, research and treatment being done by neurologists have shown great promise in HGH’s ability to promote new brain cell growth in stroke patients.

2. Promote healing in burn victims. Doctors who have treated patients with severe burns usually have to resort to grafting healthy skin from one part of the body onto an area with burn damaged skin. It’s a dicey prospect for the patients and loved ones as they wait to see if the grafts will take. Some doctors have found great success using HGH to help aid the healing of burn areas and skin grafts, which makes sense since HGH promotes the growth of new cells. HGH also promotes wound healing and can assist in the healing of broken bones.

3. Help people get off dialysis. There are doctors who have seen a dramatic improvement in patients who were undergoing daily dialysis for end stage kidney disease, enough so that the patients were able to stop dialysis completely. This is a great quality of life improvement, both in the physical symptoms of kidney disease, and in the time gained back from not having to spend hours each day hooked up to a dialysis machine.

Many of the biggest medical issues we face today may be improved through a treatment program that uses HGH therapy, and in fact many doctors and (recovered) patients swear by it. One of the big challenges facing professionals recommending the use of HGH is that insurance companies won’t cover it and pharmacies won’t fill prescriptions. Hopefully as more sound research and study is conducted, more people will be able to see the benefits of Human Growth Hormone, as well as its use to help people live healthier, longer lives.

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