3rd Annual American Anti-Aging Conference in Dubai 11/14-11/16/2014

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Life-extension science is also referred to as indefinite life-extension, anti-aging medicine, biomedical gerontology, or experimental gerontology. This is the study of reversing or slowing down the aging process with a view to extending both average and maximum lifespan. People who wish to live longer have the belief that breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, organ replacement, stem cells, and tissue rejuvenation is what will help humans to achieve indefinite life spans.

The 3rd Annual American Anti-Aging Conference will be held in Dubai from 14th -16th November 2014. The focus of this years’ conference will be entirely on the factors that cause aging internally. The program will recommend clinical protocols that will enable medical experts to revive the health of their patients as well as addressing some of the greatest health concerns today.

About the American Anti-aging Conference

The theme of the conference is “Managing aging and epigenetics”. United Arab Emirates has high rates of diseases that are associated with lifestyle i.e. obesity, diabetes and hypertension. According to an analysis that has been released currently, more than 60% of women and 66% of men in Dubai are obese or overweight. The Anti-Aging Conference, an innovative and dynamic meeting that addresses the clinical consequences and causes of physiological changes that occur with aging, has made the announcement that the 3rd annual conference will be focusing on lifestyle diseases. The theme of the conference is aimed at reviewing risk factors associated to lifestyle as well as discussing integrative approaches in triggering changes in the epigenetic and aging process.

Topics to be Discussed at the Anti-aging Conference

The scientific program at the conference will cover the following topics:

• Using hormone therapies to address metabolic syndrome
• Epigenetics: How to manage gene expression
• Health and pollution
• Detoxification programs
• Reversing obesity using hormone and nutritional therapies
• Nutrigenomic diets
• Life coaching and health: how to instate and sustain lifestyle changes
• Medicine and the heart
• Updates concerning integrative anti-aging care in the entire Gulf region
• Hormone therapies for managing lifestyle and chronic diseases (There will be a 1-day workshop where hormone replacement therapies will be discussed
entirely. This will be on November 16th)

The Speaker Panel at the Anti-aging Conference

The speakers have been chosen based on their expertise as well as their contribution to the research and solutions that are presently available in diagnosing, preventing and treating aging and lifestyle conditions. The following are the speakers at the 3rd Annual Anti-Aging Conference:

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, MD

Dr. Hertoghe is from Belgium and practices hormone therapy and reversing/lifespan aging medicine. He is acknowledged internationally in therapies that focus on reducing aging, correcting hormone deficiencies or even, reversing aging as well as extending life spans in certain aspects. He has pioneered several medical matters and is among the scientists who support the theory that aging is as a result of the progressive occurrence of hormone deficiencies intensified by poor lifestyles and nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Hertoghe has made great achievements by correcting hormone deficiencies and offering personalized treatments to patients.

Dr. Sahar Swidan, PharmD

Dr. Swidan is from the United States and attended the University of Michigan for her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She is the current CEO and President of Pharmacy Solutions, located in Ann Arbor, MI. She is board certified in regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Joseph Lamb, MD

Dr. Lamb is from the United States and is a consultant in Functional and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Lamb is board certified in holistic medicine and internal medicine. He has lectured at several institutions, authored book chapters, and edited various books, authored website presentations, and academic papers on several medicine topics.

Dr. William Andrews, PhD

Dr. Andrews is from the United States. For the past 28 years, he has been working in the biotech industry. He has dedicated the past 16 years to looking for ways to extend life spans.

Dr. Joshua Berka, MD

Dr. Berka earned a degree in Classical Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is board certified in acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. His main focus lies in approaches that are geared towards treating chronic and acute diseases, alternative cancer treatments and family medicine.

Dr. Heather Eade

Dr. Eade is from Canada and holds a BSC in Life Sciences from Queen’s University. She also holds a doctorate degree in Neuropathy. She is a licensed physician in Canada. She is certified in cranio-sacral therapy, chelation and intravenous therapy, colon hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

Dr. Deborah Matthew

Dr. Matthew is from the United States and is the Medical Director and Founder of Signature Wellness. She offers advanced care for the wellbeing of her patients at her fitness center. She has specialized in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.

Dr. Alexandros Bader

Dr. Bader is from Greece and has specialized in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery. He is a surgeon who practices in Dubai, London, and Greece.

Dr. Jennifer Landa

Dr. Landa is from the United States and specializes in helping men and women to restore energy levels, replenish sex lives, and balance hormones. She focuses on encouraging people to make changes in lifestyles which result in better health.


The 3rd Annual American Anti-Aging Conference promises to offer clinical revival, educational enlightenment and personal transformation. The conference will be featuring experts from Europe and the United States who will tackle functional and integrative medicine, as well as healthy aging. To learn more about the A4M Conference, please contact the office of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine at: Toll-Free – US Only: (888) 997-0112, International: (561) 997-0112, or Email: info@a4m.com.

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