5 Surprising Things that Age You

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We all know that there are certain things that come up over and over again when we talk about anti-aging. Protecting your skin from the sun, cutting out unhealthy foods, or quitting smoking are some examples. However, there are some other things we do that can cause us to look or feel older that we don’t even know are affecting us. See if you do any of the following and if so, check out our suggestions for changing these sneaky aging habits.

Using soap on your face.
Soap removes the protective layers of oil on your skin and can be extremely drying. Using a PH neutral or chemical-free facial cleanser instead of soap can help keep your skin balanced and moisturized while cleaning away the day’s dirt.

Sleeping with your face pressed against your pillow. We’ve all woken up some mornings with the creases from the pillow etched into our faces. Did you know that if you wake up this way too often, those creases could start turning into wrinkles? In order to prevent this, you can try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase rather than a cotton one, or try sleeping on your back.

Drinking through a straw or bottle.
We’ve all seen a person who has visible lines around their mouth, often from smoking. Well, sucking on a straw or bottle regularly is another culprit that causes those unsightly lines! The way you hold your mouth in order to drink this way can lead to wrinkles if you drink this way on a regular basis.

Watching TV. Sitting in front of the tube too much can mean overeating or not exercising. However, watching too much TV can also lead to (gulp) a shorter life! A University of Queensland study showed that every hour of TV watched could shorten a person’s lifespan by 22 minutes. Plus, TV may increase your risk for Alzheimers.

Central heating.
Just in time for the colder turn in weather is this little tidbit: Those of us that have a central heat and air conditioning system could be setting ourselves up for more wrinkles. Why? These systems are incredibly drying to skin, and dry skin can lead to increased wrinkles. Instead of cranking that heat all winter, try keeping it set at a lower temperature and wearing more layers of clothing. Also, make sure you use plenty of moisturizer through the winter months to combat the effects of the drier air. Your skin will thank you!

Now that you know about these sneaky habits that could cause you to look or feel older, you can get rid of them and the nasty aging effects that they bring for good!

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