Resume Tips – 6 Words Will Win You That Job

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Resume Tips

6 Words They Can’t Ask – But You CAN Offer

The Human Resources department is just about to decide between you and the other guy. Wouldn’t you like that person to look at your resume and yellow highlight these 6 resume words, unbelievably effective resume tips?

“I’m not swayed by passing fancies, I make good decisions in the moment with an eye toward the future, and I can easily adapt to the existing workplace culture.”

You can accomplish that by adding these six words at the end of your resume:

“No tattoos, no piercings, no attitude.”

Now, obviously, this resume tips only works if you have no piercings or tattoos (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But if you don’t, go for it. Why not?

Your future employer is unable to ask questions like those due to Federal discrimination laws, but there is nothing to stop you from OFFERING that information. So be bold. Separate yourself from the competition.

At the very last moment the essential part of what you want them to hear will be heard by using this resume tips.

Good Luck!

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