6 Words Will Get You Dream Job

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This One Resume Add-On Lands Dream Job

They can’t ask! But you CAN offer.

You’re a millennial, young, smart, accomplished, and you’ve applied for your dream first job. Human Resources has whittled many applicants down to just three. The HR Manager and your future Manager are looking over the finalists. All three interviewed well: equal, equal, equal. All are perfect for the job in every way. It’s decision time, something that occurs every day across the country.

Noticing something at the bottom of your resume the HR Manager takes a yellow highlighter pen and runs it over six words. Under section “Other” it says:

“No tattoos, no piercings, no attitude.”

Silently, HR passes the yellow highlighted section over to your future Manager who says, “Let’s hire this one.”

They can’t ask! But you CAN offer.

These six words inform potential employers, “I’m not swayed by passing fancies, I make good decisions in the moment with an eye toward the future, and I can easily adapt to the existing workplace culture.”

What better way to get over on equally qualified candidates and land that first dream job!

Here’s another one, but be a little careful with it as it could, unfortunately, backfire. (For your sake that might not be a bad thing.)

“Attend religious services weekly.”

Again, They can’t ask! But you CAN offer.

These four words inform potential employers, “I’m disciplined, and I respect and honor traditional values.”

What employer couldn’t relate to that?

Obviously this would work great at a company like Chick-fil-A, but if you’re due diligence finds some nugget of religious observance by company employees, especially upper management, definitely add it on.

It’s too bad that in a new age where resumes are supposed to tell who you are, they actually don’t. Legal restrictions on age, race, gender, etc. keep potential employers from asking exactly what they want to know about you. They are not permitted to ask simple, common sense questions lest they be considered some violation of Federal statutes.  It’s time to fight back against an ever-increasing Politically Correct world.

So make their job easier. They can’t ask. But you CAN offer!

Photo by Kait Loggins on Unsplash

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