7 Things To Avoid When Exercising For Fat Loss

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Losing fat is one major reason why people exercise in the first place. It is definitely up there in the top reasons to exercise, along with gaining more muscle and being more healthy overall. However, many people make the same mistakes over and over and wonder why they don’t see results. This article will show you 7 practices that you will want to avoid.

1 – Bad Technique

Many people think they are working hard and properly in the gym but a lot of them are doing exercises all wrong! If you don’t do an exercise with the proper form and technique throughout, you are risking a serious injury as well as lessening the effectiveness of the exercise, both of which obviously hinders your fat loss.

2 – Too Much Rest

While rest outside of the gym is great, rest inside the gym becomes a problem. Some people perform one set of an exercise and wait 10 minutes to do the next! This is not a good way at all to boost fat loss. Instead of talking to people in the gym, cut down your rest periods and burn more calories!

3 – Too Light

Many people looking to lose weight are newcomers to the gym, which is perfectly fine. However, when they do their entire workout with 5 lb. dumbbells, that is not fine. That is a waste of time basically. Instead, lift heavier weights for lower repetitions. Nobody gets great results from lifting the two pound rubber dumbbells 50 times!

4 – Random Warm Ups

Even if a person has the technique of their main workout program right, they may be hurting themselves even more without the proper warm up routine. A good warm up should be specific and get your heart rate up, preparing you for the heavier loads. The right warm up definitely reduces the risk of injury, something that will hinder your fat loss, as mentioned earlier.

5 – Stretching

Stretching is essential. However, some people stretch too little, or too much. Not stretching enough increases the risk on injury, which is bad as you can recall. Stretching too much, however, can reduce your stability in your muscles and lead to injuries. You have to find the right balance for you, as everybody is different.

6 – Exercising The Strong

While you have to exercise every body part to stay balanced, many people only exercise their stronger muscles. Instead of focusing more on the weaker muscles, they continue to focus on their strengths. Just as a chain, the human body is only as strong as its weakest link! For average men, the weak muscles are usually in the legs. For average women, the weakness is in the upper body.

7 – Training Too Much

While it may seem logical it spend hours in the gym every day to lose more fat, it can actually cause you to gain more fat. If you exercise too much, your body will produce more cortisol, which leads to stomach fat. Also, you highly increase the risk of serious injury, which could keep you out of the gym for weeks. Stick to 3/4 days a week (depending on your split) and no more than 1 hour per workout session.

Have any more mistakes that you see in the gym? Let us know with a comment below!

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