A New Olympic HGH Test Possible

 In Athletics, HGH in Pro Sports

Recently, the World Anti Doping Agency has began testing with a new HGH test (which was discussed earlier on our blog). If you are not familiar with the new HGH testing method, it is much more accurate and reliable according to its statistics during studies. The current HGH test only has the ability to find synthetic HGH boosting within a 3 day period. This new test can uncover HGH use within a few weeks of the last injection.

This test is not something new, however. In fact, it has been in testing for over 12 years! While the test is not quite ready yet, it may be implemented for the upcoming Olympics in London, England. The WADA said that they are working very hard to get this test perfect, which will be a major step in the world of HGH testing in athletics.

If the NFL doesn’t come to terms with the current HGH testing methods, this new test may be the answer that the NFL is looking for as well. What do you think these new HGH testing methods and all the new rules will do to the Olympics and professional sports in general? Let us know your opinion with a comment below!

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