Aaron Rodgers Weights In On HGH Testing And Ryan Braun

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Earlier this week, Aaron Rodgers answered questions that went beyond the great season in Green Bay this season. The questions were focused on the upcoming HGH testing in the NFL and the fact that his friend, Ryan Braun, recently tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs during last season in the MLB.

Rodgers said that the current testing in the NFL for steroids is a good program. However, he does not feel the same when it comes to the potential HGH testing. He is standing by his Player’s Union and saying that the testing methods and results are completely unreliable. He is one of the many players that are still saying there needs to be more work in the field of HGH testing before it can be implemented in the NFL. However, there are many players on the other side of that argument as well.

If you have been keeping up with sports related news lately, then you have heard about the National League MVP of last season, Ryan Braun, testing positive for the use of PED’s. Rodgers was also questioned about this. Being close friends with Braun himself, he stated that he was shocked the way the allegations came out into the public.

As for the validity of Braun saying that he hasn’t used any PED’s, Rodgers wouldn’t comment directly. However, he did say that he stands by his friend 100% and believes that Braun wouldn’t do anything to hurt the integrity of the league.

The sports world has been pretty hectic in the last 6 months. Lockouts, new drug testing in professional leagues, and the NL MVP of the MLB last season testing positive are just a few of the headlines. What is going to happen next? Whatever it is, we will keep you informed!

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