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Have you ever heard anybody complain about a supplement that they bought? They found hundreds of reviews online that said the product is the best thing in the world and yet, they have seen zero results from using it. Well, those reviews probably aren’t unbiased at all. In fact, if a writer gets paid commission to help sell a product they are reviewing, do you think they will make the product look good, or bad? Pretty easy to guess…

A lot of nutritional supplement companies have started their own affiliate programs to try and sell more of their products. That opens the door for affiliate marketers to come and and write about the products that they haven’t even tried yet! They will probably write whatever they think the reader will want to see to make them purchase the supplement. So, you have to watch out when buying 21st Century supplements that have an affiliate program. I wouldn’t believe any review found on a blog if the post had a link back to the main site where the product can be purchased. It is probably an affiliate link that gets the writer commission if this product is bought. Instead, there are other methods of getting reviews of a supplement.

The 21st Century supplements industry and supplement users are very active online. For that reason, there are many online forums and communities that have sections about supplements and unbiased supplement reviews. Join a couple of these forums and make a couple threads about the supplement to see the actual response of previous users. Most forums don’t allow affiliate marketing so you will probably get a more reliable answer.

Affiliate programs in the 21st Century supplements industry may sound bad because they may trick a reader into buying something that doesn’t really work, but they aren’t bad. You just have to be smart when selecting a supplement company to buy from. Just because a company has an affiliate program doesn’t mean that their supplements are over hyped and not worth the price. All that this article is trying to do is to help you understand that some reviews out there are affiliate reviews just trying to get you to buy a product. So, just be smart about researching a product and join a health related forum that has a supplement section. You will find great reviews on products. If you need help finding out if a certain supplement is good, just let us know with a comment and we will help you out!!!

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