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While anti aging is a great process to do, it will not turn back the clock on your body. Lets face it, even the best anti aging programs won’t change a 60 year old back to a 20 year old, in terms of physical fitness, overall health, and even the appearance (although anti aging does help in all of these categories!). So, another way to make sure that your anti aging succeeds is to start living life like you are getting older. While that may seem boring and kind of depressing, it can really help you reach your anti aging goals!

Exercise is great. However, you need to exercise right for your age range. You don’t want to be in the gym for hours everyday if you are even over 30! If you put too much stress on your body in the gym, you will hinder your anti aging results. Your body will be fighting to recover the damage caused in the gym and won’t have the ability to contribute to your anti aging success. So, make sure that you keep it in the range that you should in the gym. You can find a lot of workout programs for people over 40, over 50, over 60, etc. with a quick search online. Also, if you like to play sports, switch to some more low-impact sports.

When you were young you could eat about anything and feel fine, right? However, as we age, our bodies are not so happy when we eat like we are young. We need our nutrients in the safe range and need to avoid foods that young people love. The fact is that young people’s bodies have the ability to look good while still eating junk food, because they have higher metabolisms and more HGH in their bodies. When we get older, metabolism slows down and our HGH production decreases. Therefore, you have to eat healthier.

Stress causes the signs of aging. That is why you will want to avoid as much stress as possible when we get older. Try to live in a carefree environment. Never leave to a meeting and have the chance to be late, which will definitely cause stress (also, avoid road rage!!). Try to take an optimistic view of things, instead of a pessimistic view, which has been proven to shorten your life span. Don’t overcomplicate things either. If your mind is at ease, your body will be too. That will allow you to focus on your anti aging regime and succeed in ways you never thought possible! You might not look or feel like you are 20 again, but you may feel 10 years younger!

Have any more tips on aging the right way to succeed with anti aging? Let us know with a comment below!

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