An Overview Of HGH Supplementation

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HGH is the hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain that is responsible for the growth and maintenance of body tissue in the body. It is a unique blend of amino acids that can only be produced by the pituitary gland and after you begin to age passed the age of 20, your body starts to decline its production. That is when the signs of aging start to become more and more apparent. Luckily, HGH supplementation has sprung up and allowed thousands of people around the globe enjoy the benefits!

HGH supplementation started to try and combat the effects on children that lacked the proper amount of HGH production. In children, HGH does exactly what it was produced to do, help grow and maintain muscle tissue, bones, and other parts of the body. After you get passed your teen years, HGH starts to decline and doesn’t work to grow your body tissue. Instead, it starts to work to keep your metabolism where it should be. No matter what age you may be, having the right amounts of HGH in your body is very significant. That is why supplementation for almost every age range has become very available in recent years.

The fact that HGH is great at stopping muscle deterioration and promoting its growth proves to very effective in treatments of serious illnesses. For instance, HGH supplementation is known to extend the lives of people with AIDS because the disease isn’t able to deteriorate the body as fast. HGH is also great for athletes because it stimulates muscle growth, speeds up metabolism, and speeds up recovery time from an injury, all very good for any kind of athlete obviously. It is also a popular anti aging supplement because it can help you lose weight, boost brain stimulation, reduce wrinkles, give you more energy, and make you look years younger! HGH is literally one of the best supplements to use.

In the beginning, HGH was only available in the form of injections. While these are the most effective form of HGH supplementation, they require a prescription and come with some serious risks for side effects. So, since then, over the counter HGH supplements have hit the mainstream market, in the form of HGH stimulators and homeopathic HGH oral sprays. While they are obviously not as powerful as injections, they can show some fantastic results, if used properly. If you don’t have a serious medical problem that requires the more potent injections, I suggest you stick to over the counter products to avoid side effects. You have to ask yourself, is the risk worth the reward?

Many people question the effectiveness of over the counter HGH products. Well, some do work and some don’t, which is the nature for many supplements available. HGH stimulators are actually just amino acid blends and they don’t contain HGH, which obviously means they don’t give HGH-like results. Homeopathic HGH supplements have a bad reputation from less-than-perfect companies producing low quality products. However, the top homeopathic HGH supplements have been proven to work great for hundreds of people in controlled studies. Just do your research before buying a product and you won’t be let down!

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