Anti-Aging in That Bottle of Bubbly?

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This time of year is a great one for festive celebrations, from holiday parties to the upcoming New Year celebrations. Chances are, there will be some leftover champagne sitting in your refrigerator after all is said and done. Before you pour a glass or pour it out, did you know that your leftover bottle of champagne has great anti-aging skin and hair benefits? It’s true! If your New Year’s resolution is to have healthy, glowing skin and beautiful hair, check out the anti-aging properties of champagne and then try these tricks.

For Hair:
Champagne works as an effective hair treatment, especially for blond hair. To make your hair smooth and silky, mix a half cup of champagne with a half cup of hot water. Apply to your hair and let it sit for a while, then rinse.

For Skin:
What makes grape-based beverages such as wine and champagne such great anti-aging skin brighteners? One reason is those grapes, which have been used to fight wrinkles because of their high antioxidant levels. A simple wine and milk mask is the go-to remedy for women abroad for smooth skin. Champagne helps clarify skin, and the tartaric acid can take care of unwanted pigmentation, help fight acne and help even out your skin tone. And those bubbles can help your skin, too! When used on skin, champagne bubbles help the micro-circulation of the skin, helping promote a glowing complexion. Just be sure your skin doesn’t get dried out by the alcohol by following up any champagne treatment with a good moisturizer.

The best part about treating your skin with champagne is that it’s so easy. After you’ve washed your face, pour a little champagne on a cotton pad or cloth. Apply to your face, neck and upper chest area. You can use it around your eyes, too, as long as you don’t get it directly in them. There’s no need to rinse it off, either. Just use some moisturizer when you are finished. You’ll have cleaner, smaller pores and a healthy, glowing complexion. There’s something you can drink to!

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