Anti-aging Skin Care Creams…Miracle in a Tube or Money Down the Drain?

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There it is, that wrinkle you see in the mirror that you swear couldn’t have been there the last time you looked. You eat right, exercise and take care of yourself, but the signs of aging, subtle or obvious, have a way of catching up with you despite your best efforts. You may wonder if the solution could be as easy as all the advertisements suggest…just a little dab of this cream, and your wrinkles will disappear along with the worries that caused them. While it is a nice thought, before you spend your money, you would be better off knowing if those wrinkle-erasing claims stand a chance against Mother Nature.

The truth is, everywhere you look, it seems as if there is a new anti-aging cream that claims to give you younger-looking, wrinkle free skin. How can you tell the difference between the products that work and the ones that are bogus? The secret to any cream worth it’s weight in magically erasing years from your skin is collagen. As long as the cells in your skin are producing collagen, your skin has a good chance of looking younger and firmer. Creams that contain ingredients to help boost collagen production are the ones that stand the best chance of achieving the results you are looking for.

Which ingredients are going to help collagen production? Look for products containing peptides, specifically “pentapeptides.” These compounds are long chains of amino acids that have been shown to increase skin cells ability to produce collagen to heal wounds and repair skin. This gives creams with peptides the advantage in being able to repair the lines that develop around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead.

If keeping your skin looking young is important to you, you may find that a wrinkle cream does the trick, and could help you avoid costly procedures such as Botox, Restalyne or Juva Derm injections. Plus, applying a research-backed wrinkle cream may feel safer than undergoing a medical procedure that will have to be redone in a few weeks or months. Plus, some of the newer skin creams available rely on up-to-the-minute technology that combines two types of peptides and is actually said to mimic the effect of some wrinkle injections. At a fraction of the price, and without a risky injection, these new wrinkle creams may just be a miracle in a tube!

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