Anti-Aging Summer Fruits

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Nothing says summer quite like a delicious, ripe berry, or a juicy piece of fruit. Luckily, those sweet summer treats are also healthy and have the potential to provide important anti-aging benefits. Go ahead, indulge in these fruits of summer. Your body will thank you!

Blackberries. Since fruits and vegetables with deep color are more beneficial, you should already know that these dark purple treats are loaded with good-for-you cred. In fact, they are in the top ten list of antioxidant-rich foods! The specific antioxidants in blackberries can help with memory, urinary tract health, and preventing certain cancers. The compounds in this tart berry can also help protect skin from sun damage.

Watermelon. You know bananas are loaded with potassium, but did you know that watermelon is also loaded with this nutrient that can help control blood pressure and prevent strokes? The potassium in watermelons also helps control heart disease and cancer.

Strawberries. These berries are the fruit with one of the highest amount of antioxidants. The benefits of strawberries include reversing skin damage that occurs with age, and protecting your skin from the ravages of everyday exposure to the sun and other environmental concerns. Also, strawberries can help you have younger teeth! The acid in the berries help combat staining, making your teeth look clean and younger.

Coconut. Coconuts come from the palm tree, also known as the Tree of Life. This is good news for those of us who like delicious foods and want to look and feel younger. There are a whole collection of characteristics that make coconuts special: they are antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Also, coconuts contain calcium, potassium, magnesium and electrolytes. You can also use coconut oil as a skincare product. Rubbing it on your skin can help slow down aging, and protect you from free radicals.

These are just a few examples of fruits that provide lasting anti-aging benefits. Getting them when they are in-season and at the peak of freshness is better for you and better for the farmers who grow them, too. Plus, great treats like fresh cherries (which reduce inflammation), sweet pineapple (which help prevent the spread of cancer cells), or blueberries (which help prevent memory problems) are a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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