Anti-Aging Tricks Your Grandma Used

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You’ve heard of old wives tales and Grandma’s special remedies. There’s a reason they’ve persisted for years…many of them work! Grandma even had some well kept secrets for how she kept herself looking young and wrinkle-free. Here’s the anti-aging tricks that worked back then, and will still work today.
1. Sugar for your face. Mixing a little sugar into your facial cleanser makes a great exfoliant, without the expense of pricey specialty items. The sugar dissolves easily, which makes it gentle on your skin, but it also effectively scrubs away surface dirt and leaves skin feeling soft. Moisturize after you rinse the cleanser away to keep skin hydrated.
2. Potatoes are more than carbs. Believe it or not, if you rub raw potato on your skin, it can remove marks, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. Place a slice of potato over each eye and watch those crow’s feet fade away!
3. Have a beer…for your hair. For super smooth and shiny hair, rinse your hair with a bottle of beer, any type, at room temperature. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse again so your hair doesn’t smell like beer. The hops in beer will give your hair a glossy shine.
4. Sleep on your back. This advice has been around for many years, and for good reason! If you sleep on your back, as opposed to on your side or stomach, it will help prevent wrinkles on your face. The pressure put on your face in certain spots by your pillow can cause wrinkles over time. As collagen production decreases (as you age) your skin has a harder time repairing itself, so if you make an effort to sleep on your back, your skin won’t have the chance to crease.
5. Steam it. This one is so easy, but effective. Pour boiling water in a bowl, and place your face over it (put a towel over your head to catch the steam if you feel like it). The steam from the water helps open your pores.

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