Are You Being Tricked By HGH Hype?

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Not all Homeopathic HGH Human Growth Hormone is created equal. Since HGH has grown in popularity and been exposed to more consumers thanks to the media surrounding pro athlete use, many companies – some that have never even dealt in HGH before – are jumping on the bandwagon. While the motive (profit) is easy to determine, many companies marketing HGH products cloak their offering in such enticing packages that many people are fooled. Don’t be one of them! Here’s how companies try to trick unsuspecting consumers and what you can do to be sure you are getting safe, natural, effective HGH products.

1. False advertising. Everyone wants proof that a product works as it says it will, or that a study has been done to support the science behind certain health products. However, many companies are pulling a bit of advertising magic out of their hats, and consumers have a difficult time peeking behind the curtain, so to speak. If you see an advertisement or a website that features slick or helpful charts, graphs, and even infographics supporting the use of that company’s product, don’t take it at face value. At the very least, some crucial information may have been left out. At worst? The entire thing was made up by the company’s advertising department!

2. Misleading HGH claims. Have you ever come across an HGH product that claims to contain a certain amount of HGH, citing impressive amounts of the hormone? If you look a little closer, you may be able to determine that what at first sounded like a beneficial dose is actually a tiny (or even non-existent) amount of real Human Growth Hormone measured in absurdly small numbers that were relabeled to look like a lot. Any product that measures the HGH amount in “nanograms” is not only deceiving you, they are also in violation of the law!

3. Different brands all produced by the same company. If you’ve heard not-so-great rumblings about one company, make sure you’re not fooled by this trick. Some large companies simply hire someone to produce their exact product with a different label. These deceptive practices allow shady companies to keep peddling their ineffective wares to unsuspecting consumers.

4. Using the right words for the wrong reasons. “All Natural.” “Homeopathic.” “Real.” These seemingly innocent words can all be corrupted when used wrong. There are many companies that know what’s on a label is usually neither policed nor scrutinized by any regulatory body, so they are free to label with abandon. The ingredients and an ironclad guarantee are often a great way to weed out the imposters: if the company offers neither, beware!

5. High price, low value. Many companies that are only in it for the profit know that the public perceives a product that is more expensive to be more value. However, just because a product is expensive, that doesn’t mean it is safe, effective, or worth the price tag. In fact, many companies can produce their products for mere pennies on the dollar because they use inferior ingredients or pad it with fillers. By the time you realize the product doesn’t work, you’ve already spent the money, and it’s likely you won’t find any money back guarantee in sight.

So, how can you combat the trickery being used to sell thousands of unsuspecting consumers a worthless (and sometimes dangerous) product?

  • Know your HGH. Do some research using reliable sources so you know what to look for.
  • Look for where the ingredients originate. For example, deer antler spray should come directly from the deer antler velvet of young deer who are treated humanely during the harvest of velvet.
  • Make sure the company offers a strong money back guarantee, and that you can contact them easily through email or by phone.
  • Make sure the company makes their ingredient list available. If they’re not forthcoming about what’s in the product, be very suspicious.
  • If you come across a company online or in an advertisement, make sure the company information, including a physical address and/or phone and email, plus their return policies, shipping policies, and product guarantees are clearly stated. If you can’t find this most basic information, be wary of their company and products!

A company that is committed to providing the best products and customer service is the company that’s going to be around long after those others fold, because they’ll have happy return customers who are satisfied with a product that works as promised and provides lasting positive benefits!

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