Are You Meeting Your Fitness Goals for 2013?

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It’s hard to believe that the new year was almost two months ago already, and thoughts are turning to spring weather, sunny days, and gearing up for summer. Are you one of the many people who made a New Year’s commitment to get fit in the new year? If so, this is a perfect time to assess how far you’ve come, or recommit yourself if you’ve let your resolution slide just a little. Here’s how to enhance your performance and help you make 2013 your most fit year yet!

Try a Trainer. If you find yourself needing some encouragement, or a push to work harder, a few sessions with a personal trainer might be a tremendous help. Not only will a personal trainer be able to pass along knowledge about the right exercises for you and how to improve your technique, she or he can also help you develop a personalized plan for reaching your goals, and then provide you with the tools you need to achieve them.

Turn to a Friend. Maybe you’re not ready for a trainer, or would rather spend your money elsewhere. This is where a fitness-minded friend will be a great asset! If you and a friend decide to buddy up to meet your fitness goals, you will be able to encourage each other and stick to your workout schedule better than if you are going it alone. Plus, it might be a great time to catch up on each other’s lives while you both get healthier.

Make Your Goals More Specific.
Maybe your resolution was to become more fit, or tone up, or lose weight. While these are great goals, they are hard to put into action because they are not actionable or measurable. Give yourself a way to determine if your goal has been met by years end, for instance, “I will complete my first half marathon by November,” or “I will increase my weights and reps by a certain amount by the end of this year.” No matter if you swim, jog, lift, golf or dance, making a specific set of goals will help motivate you in your quest for a fitter, healthier you.

Write It Down. People who are losing weight find it extremely helpful to track their daily intake with a food diary. You can do the same thing for your workout by keeping track of them in a fitness journal, or with one of several available fitness apps for your iPhone or Android phone. There are many free apps that will help you log your workouts and keep track of calories burned, reps completed or pounds lost. Paid apps are available too, and may have more features for those of you that are serious about meeting your 2013 fitness goals!

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