Are You Reaping the Benefits of These Great Winter Supplements?

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Even if you are doing everything you can to eat right and exercise, there is always more you can do to help maximize your health. This is especially true during the winter months, when added worries such as catching an illness, lack of sun and the increased availability of unhealthy foods – Hello, holidays and Superbowl!- emerge. While you may already include a supplement regimen as part of your overall health plan, there are some important additions that will help take you through the winter healthier and happier.

Vitamin D. This is the big one! Throughout the winter months, we don’t get our recommended amount of Vitamin D.mostly because we spend more time inside, the sun is weaker and the foods we eat may not give us enough of this essential vitamin. The benefits of having enough vitamin D in your system include aiding in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, healthier bones and teeth, increased immunity, and a boost in mood…earning it its nickname “the sunshine vitamin.”

Vitamin C. It really does have an effect on illness, both as an aid to your immunity system and, in the case you do catch something, during your illness. Taking 500-1000mg a day to help bolster your immune system can help you ward off all those illnesses everyone else seems to be getting. And upping that dosage to 2000-3000mg when you do get sick can help you get over it faster and experience less severe symptoms.

Ginseng. This is another important addition for a healthy immune system. In fact, people who take ginseng every day during the winter catch fewer colds and take less sick days. There are many benefits to taking ginseng, which may make it seem a bit like a super herb! It’s been shown to lower cholesterol, increase energy, reduce fatigue and the harmful effects of stress, and prevent infections. Ginseng is also a very effective anti-aging supplement. The powerful anti-aging effects of ginseng include increasing mental and physical capacity. Siberian ginseng can help you fight fatigue and ward off colds and flu.

Fish or Flaxseed Oil.
Fish oil provides many benefits thanks to its essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Fish oil benefits include boosting good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and improving brain function. It can also help improve your mood and combat depression, two important considerations during the long, cold, and dark days of winter. Also, fish oil can be taken with most depression medications without harmful drug interactions. People who are vegetarian or vegan and can’t take fish oil can take the flaxseed oil as an alternative.

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