Avoiding The Burn Out

 In Fitness

Exercise burn out is very common among gym-goers. It happens all the time. You plan out a 2-3 month exercise program that looks perfect in the beginning. You start going to the gym and 4 weeks into the program you are already burnt out on the program and you have no motivation to even finish your program. It usually happens around the new year, which is when many people start to work out. That is why this post is so fitting, since there may be many people out there facing a burn out after their new year start.

One of the major reasons that people quit after a short period is that they expect miracles in a few weeks. While you can see some good results within a couple weeks if you are brand new to the exercise game, it isn’t something that you should count on. People think that they can lose that extra 15 lbs in 4 weeks and just give up when they don’t reach their goal. If you don’t know how to set great goals, check out our post on making fitness goals on our blog.

On the other hand, people that don’t have goals can face the same issues as the people that set too high of goals. If you don’t strive for something, you are going to want to go to the gym very often. If you don’t have goals, it would probably just become more of a hobby that you do in your spare time instead of something that needs your dedication. Once again, look for our goals post on our blog if you don’t know how to make great goals.

Another reason that people lose motivation and burn out with a new workout program is the lack of creativity and variation in the plan. While it is good to keep to the same style of workout program for the duration of 8-12 weeks, you need some kind of difference between workouts, or it will get boring. You can switch up exercises or just listen to different music every time you go to the gym.

Burning out with workout out is a common thing, so if you are facing it after you started strong in the new year, don’t worry. There are ways to beat it and eventually, working out will become like second nature to you. Don’t let the lack of goals, or motivation keep you out of the gym!

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