Best Outdoor Workouts for Fall (Plus Some You May Have Never Tried!)

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The heat of summer seems to be behind us, the kids are heading back to school and the promise of fall is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to take your workout outdoors. By adding some of these outdoor workouts to your fitness routine, you can experience some surprising benefits, from enhanced mood to better muscle tone to enhanced performance. Even if you’ve never tried some of the following sports, they will be sure to stimulate your mind and help you gain new skills.

There are miles of outdoor paths and trails right near you, just waiting to be explored. Grab a good pair of hiking shoes or boots and set off for parts unknown. Just be sure you bring some necessities with you, such as water, a snack, your cell phone or a map, and a light jacket, just in case. This type of workout trumps the treadmill in the gym, since the uneven terrain forces your muscles to work harder and helps you to burn over 400 calories in an hour.

Interested in learning a new activity? There are plenty of outdoor sports that offer big workout benefits with the added bonus of mind engagement as you learn new skills. If you prefer the water, you might try sailing or kayaking. Both offer toned arms plus a stronger back and abs, plus the added bonus of enjoying your workout in a peaceful setting. Like animals? You might try horseback riding and see an amazing difference in your inner thighs, which you need to use to grip the saddle.

If you are a bit of a daredevil, there is an outdoor sport that is sure to satisfy your fitness goals and your wild streak. Rock climbing offers the same benefits as chin-ups, plus it also works the core and legs. You can start by scaling a man-made climbing wall, and then work your way toward scaling a real rock face. If you can’t resist speed, you may love inline skating, cycling or uphill sprints. All three of these workouts will tone and strengthen your legs. However, you don’t need to be into extreme sports to enjoy an outdoor workout. If your style is more sedate, gardening, golf and outdoor yoga will all fit the bill.

The possibilities for taking your fitness routine outdoors are almost endless. Plus, the benefits to your physical and mental health are numerous. Fall is the perfect time to start adding some outdoor workouts to your indoor gym routine. Soon you’ll find you are looking and feeling better, plus you may find you have discovered a favorite new hobby!

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