Better Than Ever Anti-Aging in 2014

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There’s no reason to look your age . . . you eat right, work out regularly, get plenty of rest, and have access to some of the best anti-aging technology that has ever been created! The products for hair, skin, and body that are on the shelves today use some of the most advanced anti-aging technology and research to help you look younger, reverse existing damage and prevent the signs of aging. The best news of all is that these products are readily available and reasonably priced, so your anti-aging routine can be simple and effective whether you’re a man or a woman. Here’s what 2014 has to offer to keep you looking years – sometimes decades – younger!

Skin: When you think of youthful skin, chances are the words smooth, glowing and moisturized come to mind, as opposed to aging skin, with its dry papery consistency and discolorations or age spots. What if you never had to worry about your skin looking aged? Today’s skin care aims to fix existing problems and keep future problems from happening.

Rather than merely masking aging skin problems by plumping up the skin or covering age spots, today’s products contain ingredients that can actually fix skin issues by giving you healthier skin cells. The most effective products have retinol, and the most powerful ones are available by prescription. However, many over-the-counter products contain enough retinol – which comes from Vitamin A – to reverse damage!

Dry skin can become a big problem as you age, when your body loses the ability to maintain moisture in your skin’s layers. This lack of moisture is what leads to flaking, itching, and that wrinkled, papery appearance. Washing with soap can dry skin out even more, and some formula’s strip away your natural oils, too.  Choosing the right cleanser can fix this problem. Today’s moisturizing cleansers and lotions go way beyond simply keeping the top layer of skin moisturized. In fact, many brands now contain almost magic ingredients that can deliver and keep moisture in your skin. Look for products that contain ceramides, hexamidine, and hyaluronic acid.

Hair: Thinning hair. Dry, brittle hair. Hair that falls out, or loses pigment, or just generally looks . . . old. Today’s shampoos, conditioners and styling products do more than clean hair or help it hold a style. They often contain ingredients to nourish the hair shaft, such as antioxidants, organic or botanical ingredients, and volume-boosters, which results in healthier, more manageable, and younger-looking hair. Both men and women deal with thinning hair, and there are many prescription-strength remedies that may work for you. However, many products over the counter contain thickeners and even minoxidil, a medicine that can help with thinning hair, so if your hair just needs a boost, you’ll be covered.

Along with these handy anti-aging helpers, don’t forget that often the best way to protect yourself from the signs of aging is to prevent it in the first place. Take proper precautions in the sun, eat a healthy diet, keep your skin moisturized, and pay attention to the ingredients in the lotions, cleansers, soaps, makeup, and other substances you put on your skin, hair and nails. Together with the latest and greatest in anti-aging technology, the choices you make can help ensure you’ll never look your age!

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