Big Benefits: What Deer Antler Spray Can Do For You

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Although Deer Antler Spray has been largely on the market in some form since the 1990’s, and antler velvet has been used in traditional medicinal remedies in China for more than 2,000 years, there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the uses and benefits of deer antler spray. The spray itself comes from the antlers of young deer, before the antlers become bone. Once the ingredients are extracted from the velvet, they are used to make a spray that is squirted under the tongue. This delivery method is highly effective, because the active ingredients, including insulin like growth factor 1, which is known to build muscle and tissues, are absorbed through the mouth and reach your bloodstream quickly, bypassing the digestive system and liver where they would otherwise be broken down before all the nutrients could be absorbed.

Deer Antler Velvet Spray is highly effective at helping your body increase production of IGF-1, which in turn leads to a boost in HGH levels, too. This increase in these two beneficial substances will have a positive effect on your health in several ways:

  • Muscles: Increase in number of overall muscle fibers and in the size of muscle cells, for an increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Also, since deer antler helps improve circulation, it can help your muscles recover and heal faster. Better circulation means more nutrients are delivered to muscle cells, which can make a big difference after a workout. Working out results in small muscle tears. The delivery of the maximum amount of nutrients allows for a smaller recovery time and an increase in muscle endurance.
  • Weight: While deer antler spry is not a weight loss supplement, the ingredients in deer antler do have an effect on metabolism. The combination between IGF-1 and deer velvet revs the metabolism without reducing muscle mass, so people can effectively reduce body fat while retaining muscle, for a leaner, toned look.
  • Anti-aging: People who suffer from inflammation will likely experience great benefits while taking deer antler spray. Deer antler velvet contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are also especially effective at reducing swelling and inflammation, especially in joints. There is also a positive effect on bone health, and as anyone who is aging can attest, healthy bones and joints make life much more enjoyable and pain-free!
  • The brain: Yes, even the brain gets a boost with deer antler. Studies have shown that the properties of deer antler velvet may help improve focus while boosting both short and long term memory. It has also been shown to help improve recall of information that is read or seen.
  • Other benefits reported from taking deer antler velvet spray include a healthier immune system, and improvement in sexual function in older men, and better digestion, energy, healing, sleep and reduction of menopause symptoms in women.

Best of all, Deer Antler Spray is natural, safe, and effective, so you don’t have to worry about the kinds of side effects that are common with many medications, especially those that are prescribed for older people experiencing the “common” effects of aging!

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