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If you are using our homepathic HGH products for muscle growth and better performance in the gym, you may be into bodybuilding supplements as well. However, are you paying too much for the supplements or are you even taking the right supplements in the first place? Hopefully this article will help you out.

First of all, there is no replacement for diet and training hard. Once you have those two in check, you can start looking at supplements. If you expect supplements to work magic on your body if you aren’t eating right or working out consistently, you are in for a let down.

The top products that bodybuilders look at are protein shakes, creatine products, multivitamins, our HGH products, and fish oil supplements. There are more supplements that can be added on once you reach a plateau. However, until you stop gaining consistently, you should stick to these basics to make sure you are not buying anything that you don’t need.

After you reach a stage where you just can’t lift any heavier weight and can seem to gain any more muscle, you will need to add on some more supplements. Some good choices are pre workout supplements (for pump, focus, and that extra motivation in the gym) and legal prohormones if you are past the age of 23.

The number one tip we have for you is to not overspend just to pay for the company’s advertisements. There are high quality products for low prices all over. You just have to be smart with your purchases. So, you can start your stack with protein supplements, creatine, HGH, a multivitamin, and fish oil. After that stops working for you, add on a pre workout stimulant supplement and a prohormone IF you are at the right age. Good luck with your bodybuilding future!

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