Bodyweight Training

 In Fitness

So, you want to start exercising more but you are not a fan of going to the gym. That is okay if you have your own gym equipment at home. Do you? Well if you don’t, that is just fine too!!! This article will teach you the benefits of performing bodyweight exercises.

First off, being able to lift your own bodyweight in various exercises is great. It lets you know that you are strong enough to carry yourself. Most people think gym equipment is completely necessary. However, some people only do bodyweight exercises and look better than half of the people that go to the gym! So, what are the best bodyweight exercises?

Well, there are plenty of variations on the classics. If you are going to start a bodyweight routine, just make sure you work out every muscle group in your body. Do push up variations for your chest, handstand push ups for your shoulders, pull up variations for your back, various ab exercises, and some lungest and squats for your lower body. You can make a fantastic routine with just your bodyweight. The only real equipment you need is something to do a pull up on and maybe a dip bar. Luckily, they sell power towers for around $100 that have a push up station, pull up station, dip station, and ab raise station. That is really all you would ever need!

So, if you are looking to start exercising more but don’t want to have the hassle of going to a gym or buying your own equipment, look into bodyweight routines. They are very healthy and can provide some very high quality results if you stick to it and keep progressing!

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