Boost Weight Loss Just With HGH?

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It’s not like those other products on the market, you know, the boxes of pills or herbal supplements that have back page ads devoted to the power of each product to help people quickly and easily drop pounds like magic. No, Human Growth Hormone is not the kind of substance that has been latched onto by the weight loss market or community. But here’s a little known secret outside of the people who are “in the know” about HGH: it could be.

HGH is well-known among devotees for it’s ability to sculpt the body and build lean muscle mass. However, it’s also a highly effective weight loss aid because it can help the body lose fat, especially around the biggest problem area: the stomach. In order for HGH to work correctly in the body, it has to first be at an optimal level. Many people struggle with weight, fat burning and muscle tone simply because their body is not producing the right amounts of HGH for their body, and so they continue to struggle with health issues and body image issues as they age and their levels drop even further. People who supplement with HGH have a far different outcome. In addition to experiencing an overall look, feel and energy level of someone years and even decades younger in chronological age, they also experience less body fat and avoidance of the dreaded “middle age spread.”

How Does HGH Help You Lose Weight?

When a person has the right HGH levels, the body is able to secrete more HGH from the pituitary gland and send it to all the various areas of the body that require it. When HGH hits the liver, it aids the production of IGF-1 (the protein called insulin-like growth factor), which keeps insulin from getting glucose to the body’s cells. So now, instead of your body using insulin from the pancreas to turn the carbs you eat into glucose and having it stored in cells for later use, the body is forced to find another way to get energy because the glucose isn’t being stored. Voila! The body finds fat and burns that instead, resulting in weight loss.

HGH’s Other Weight Loss Benefits

In addition to the science behind HGH’s ability to help your body burn fat and lose weight, there are other things HGH helps with that can keep you leaner and at an optimal weight. Since your body is seeking energy to burn for all the things it is required to do and isn’t relying on stored glucose first, it is burning fat even when you are doing inactive things . . . like sleeping! It is also a “side effect” of HGH to have greater reserves of energy and a more efficient metabolism. As most of you know, energy plus good metabolism equals weight loss! Without having to vigilantly monitor your daily diet or exercise regimen (although, of course, most people do benefit from paying attention to healthy eating and exercise for good health), HGH can make losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight seem like magic, although it’s really just the body working properly!

It’s Not Just Hype, Is It?

We know from experience that many products’ weight loss claims seem too good to be true, and in fact are to good to be true. But the effect of HGH on weight are measured in several studies, and the results are intriguing enough that more studies should and most likely will be conducted. One study showed that HGH had an effect on abdominal fat and helping sagging areas of the body. Two other studies looked at the ability of HGH to reduce the level of fat in the body without the aid of a “diet” or exercise regimen. Both found that study participants were able to increase muscle mass while decreasing fat mass. Hopefully, more studies targeted to this area of research will be conducted to further support the premise that Human Growth Hormone can help us be at our optimal, healthy weight.

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